March Build Comp 2020 Map Release

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    Hey all! I'm very happy to announce that the March Build Comp 2020 has officially started!!! For rules, prizes, and all that fun stuff, please refer back to Flower's forum post. That's an official post so I ain't plagiarizing. Also I'm lazy :>

    Attached is a map showing where each group's plot is at!
    A couple notes about this map release:
    1. When you press the warp button, you will be facing SOUTH. The map refers to NORTH, so please turn around if you want this to be accurate! lol
    2. There are signs at the warp!! Please be a good fren and read those. Thanks :D
    3. Do NOT replicate the example builds.
    4. If you have any concerns concerning this map, Please either respond to this thread or contact Flower ASAP.
    Special thanks to Rougar and Kiewoo for the amazing example builds!!! Go check them out; they're amazing!! <3


    Thanks guys! Have a marvelous March!

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