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Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by DjrQ, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. Hey there,

    Does anyone know of a program or website that reduces the colors of a picture to the colors that are available in placable blocks?

    If so... Could you please share? I've been trying to find such a thing for weeks now!

  2. How do you use it? Because I am familiar with it,but I need an actual example to work from when Im creating mapart. I use some online embroidery (lol, for real) program to pixelate, and MS Paint to scale to 128x128 and put a pixel raster on it.
  3. Spritecraft.

    Edit: I've been reading the old posts that I made over the years, and I was extremely rude in this thread. I apologise Dj, if you ever by chance see this.
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  4. Yes. On first glance: Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a bunch amigo!
  5. Tried it out now. It's a good, albeit older program
    Doesnt account for newer, post 1.8 blocks, like concrete or terracota. Other than that, it's perfect.... atleast now I know I need 8804 blocks of white wool/concrete for my next mapart
  6. Thats cool. Changes very little about the issues.
  7. How? I really don't get it. Said it's a nice program with some minor flaws, you reply that it's free. Say I know, but it doesn't take away the minor flaws, you respond that it being free fixes the flaws? I don't understand? Do you have a personal and/or emotional investment in the program?

    If someone offers me a car with a flat tire for free, I'll take it (because I know how to work around or fix a flat tire and -hey - atleast the engine seems to be working!), but it still has a flat tire. The fact that it's free doesn't really change that, does it?

    So thanks for pointing out the program to me, it's honestly useful, and I will use it. But don't try to counter a factual discription of it with a non-issue :) That's a bit silly.
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  8. And I really DO like this program: it shows EXACTLY how many of each material I need :) It saves so much time and work, now that I can actually plan ahead in stockpiling material!

    Spritecraft - Go use try it if you're thinking about making mapart!
  9. So because it’s free it can’t have flaws? He’s trying to tell people about the benefits and drawbacks
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  10. What Kydog said :) Was doing an objective review of the program. Let's not fight or bicker about this please.
  11. He mentioned it being old because it doesn’t account for concrete and terra-cotta, which is a drawback. Also, the car analogy doesn’t really apply unless you coded spritecraft yourself.
  12. Hi Dj it’s me Gamin_dragon I think Mumbo jumbo mentions a link on his YT channel
    Hi Dj it’s me Gamin I think spritecraft is the best option!
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  13. Yeah, I use Spritrcraft for quite a while now, and it helps me to work in great detail. I also use paint next to it, to cross out the blocks I already placed. Wish I had time to code, I would integrate that option into a Spritecraft-like program...
  14. Sorry I’m not sure then. Btw I use a cool technique to create some map art. At night frostwalker doesn’t melt so I write words in the oceans.
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  15. Are you on safe survival right now?

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