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    This thread is meant for you, the community, to come up with cool new ideas for events we can bring to Safe Survival after Christmas to spice up the variations for our weekly rotation. Possibly even put some of them on an automated rotation several times a day so every timezone can enjoy them. So I encourage you to share your ideas and just maybe we turn it into reality. I hope you'll have fun thinking of new events and I hope to be reading them. (use the format)

    Name of event:
    Player limit:
    Time limit:
    Goal of the event:
    How to play:
    Reward structure:
    Build area:
    (describe the area/zone its played at)

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  2. Name of event: TNT Spleef
    Player limit: Depends on size of arena
    Time limit: Game will end as arena runs out of blocks
    Goal of the event: Be the last to fall down
    How to play:
    Version A:
    Players will all be sent into the arena in varying locations. There is a tnt layer that is 1 block thick. Players can use a bow or flint & steel on the tnt to light it and cause it to fall down into water far below. The goal is to light the tnt under the other players to cause them to fall without falling down yourself.

    Version B:
    Players will be sent into the arena in varying locations. There will be pressure plates on top of sand blocks on top of tnt. As players run, they will activate the tnt, therefore, causing it and the sand to fall. The players must keep running otherwise they will fall down. It can be done with multiple layers as well. (EG players can fall down a layer and still play, but if they fall down through both layers, they would be out)
    Rules: You can make them, not too challenging. Hard to team in version B, version A is bad for grouping up.
    Reward structure: Similar to regular spleef, could add in christmas themed prizes (somewhat rare)
    Build area: Make a large spleef arena. It can be played in two ways, as described above. One would involve just having a large 1 block layer of tnt blocks that people can bow down or use flint and steel on. Another would be a pressure plate on top of a sand block on top of a tnt block.
    Other: Sorry if my descriptions aren't great, did this quickly. Lmk if you need a better description.
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  3. Name of event: CTP (capture the pig)
    Player limit: 10 (5v5)
    Time limit: 10m
    Goal of the event: bring the pig to your side of the arena successfully to gain a point, first to 3 points wins
    How to play: each player receives leather gear and stone sword, infinity bow, and a carrot on a stick, then is put under a red or blue color tag with permissions to use a button to tp into the arena.
    Rules: players must have a clear inventory to play, as inventory’s will be cleared when being put into the gear recival area
    Reward structure: the entire winning team gets a db
    Build area: (describe the area/zone its played at) it is played in a mid sized arena, about 1/4 the size of pvp 1, with house structures at opposing corners that act as the objective to bring the pig to and player spawn.
    Other: this event was in beta around the end of the reset prior to last, but after the reset it was lost in the madness and never was brought to full completion. I most definitely forgot some of its details, but overall it was lots of fun and I would enjoy seeing it return due to our lack of events that involve direct PVP.
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  5. Name of event: Elytra Course
    Player limit: 10
    Time limit: 5 Minutes
    Goal of the event: Navigate through winding tunnels and mobs to reach the next ring, whoever gets their first wins. If no one gets there then the person with the most points (from going through rings) is the winner.
    How to play: Just fly through and make it to the next hoop, There are resting points for when you run out of fireworks, fireworks can be provided. You need an elytra unless your MLG and can somehow manage otherwise.
    Rules: No Potions, Always be a good Sport, DONT BRING YOUR STUFF: Elytra and Fireworks will be provided and your inventory will be cleared after every round.
    Reward structure: Bottom: Diamonds. Middle, Sponges and special fireworks. Top: Special Elytras.
    Build area: (describe the area/zone its played at) Underground tunnel with various contraptions that will be there to prevent you from haivng it easy such as sand dropping randomly. It is a very winding tunnel. You have to step one the stone pressure plate on top of the emerald block at the end to win. Also there are different colored rings, red ones kill you and make you restart, blue ones give you a point, and green ones give you speed but no point.
    Other: I can help run the event, also in m Event staff ap I have this as an idea so for that just look here and youll get an explanation :).
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  6. Name of event: Build Battle
    Player limit: 2 people
    Time limit: 10-20 mins
    Goal of the event: Build the theme of the challenge better than the other player
    How to play: You randomly get picked from everyone in the stands then a mod picks a topic. Once the topic is chosen the mods could /give you the materials that you need or they might be able to let you be in creative. There is a 10-20 minute time limit and there is a wall separating your area from the other players area so you can’t cheat. Once the time period is done the wall gets broken down and the spectators get to vote on who won. After the match the winner could either get a reward or go in a bracket to face other opponents but it depends on what the mod chooses.
    Rules: You can’t bribe people to vote for your build, you can’t pay the opponent to let you win, you can’t take any ideas from your opponent, and you have to have nothing in your inv so that the mods can take back what they gave you at the end. If more rules need to be added there can.
    Reward structure: if it’s bracket play first place should get either some dbs or some special item specifically for the game. If it’s just 1 on 1 with no brackets winner should get like 5 diamonds or something because they don’t have to go again a lot of opponents since it’s not bracket play.
    Build area: It is played at a stadium with stands that people can view the battle from and invisible blocks are at the front so no one can get in the builders way the arena part is two 64x64 plots with a huge wall separating the two plots so that no one can copy their opponent and a switch that could take down the wall and rebuild it, I think you can use command blocks for that but idk.
    Other: If y’all decide to make this and need any help with what I mean by some of this my ign is JTPleasant. If any of my ideas need to be changed I’m fine with that
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  7. Name of event: The floor is Barrels
    Player limit: none
    Time limit: 20 mins
    Goal of the event: Hunt for goodies in the barrels
    How to play: You get goodies by destroying the barrels where half of them will contain the goodies, only 1 item will be in those barrels. The top 5 players that destroyed most of the barrels will get extra rewards. You can still loot the item the normal way without destroying the barrels where the item drops won't be picked up by nearby players, but possibly a slower way.
    Rules: no placing blocks
    Reward structure: Ores, exp pot, shulker shell etc, rare would be beacons, head or collectibles, and ofc barrels(lol)
    Build area: 100x100 floor of barrels, up to 3-5 layers, the last layer will be where the rare contains
    Other: This will pretty much be a hassle to create, randomizer is needed. Any interesting idea could be added (like haste 10 why not)
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  8. Name of event: Manhunt
    Player limit: None
    Time limit: 20-30 minutes
    Goal of the event: Remain hidden for as long as possible.
    How to play:

    Option 1: A group of players participates in the game. One of the players (or one of the event staff) is chosen to be the "Seeker." Everyone else is a "Hider." First, the Hiders have 30 seconds to hide in random places around the arena. When 30 seconds is up, the "Seeker" tries to find as many Hiders as possible and kill them. If a Hider is killed by a "Seeker," then the player is out of the game. The person who remains hidden the longest is the winner.

    Option 2: The players are divided into two teams. One team is the Hiders and another team is the Seekers. The Hiders have 30 seconds to find hiding spots in the arena. After 30 seconds, the Seekers try to find and kill as many Hiders as possible. If a seeker is killed by a Hider, they are out of the game. The person who remains hidden the longest wins the game.


    • Xraying is not allowed
    • Players may not /sethome in the arena
    • Players may not tp outside of the arena (going to /spawn or going to a /home out of the arena during a game should not be allowed)
    • Feel free to add other rules if you think you should

    Reward structure:

    Seekers: Seekers that hide the longest in the game get Invisibility potions. Winning seekers can also get Diamond blocks, xp bottles, heads, or other rewards.

    Hiders: Hiders who kill the most players in the game get some common game rewards (Diamond blocks, xp bottles, heads, etc.) as well as spectral arrows. Better rewards are an OP sword and an OP bow. The highest rewards are Super Compass, Walking Stick, or other speed items.

    Build area: The arena will be PvP enabled and it will have several obstacles/monuments that players can use to hide. There can also be multiple arenas to play the game.

    Other: Feel free to add variations to this game. For example, a game could take place at night or in a dark room with no brightness items allowed. Seekers can either be players or an event staff. Staff could release random mobs into the arena if the game goes on for too long. The arena could be changed from game to game. There can be games where speed items are allowed and where speed items are not allowed. Players could build their own hiding spots and hide in them and seekers can delete blocks to find hidden players. All hiders can have glowing effect so the seekers can easily find the hiders. Or some combination of these variations. I don't know. Feel free to add your own variations. Interesting idea imo :)
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  9. Note: I know lots of people have been mentioning varying rewards for events, but a really big reward that is useful to everyone no matter what would be claimblocks. There is no good way to get them, plus everyone has very few claimblocks because of the vote nerf.
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    -- Courtesy Post, CREDIT GOES TO KYLE --
    (sadly, he's having forum issues, so he can't log in or register)

    Name of event: Boat Rush
    Player limit: 40
    Time limit: 3 minutes
    Goal of the event: Sit in a boat by the end of the event
    How to play: At the beginning of each round, 5 or 10 (number can be changed) boats are spawned randomly around spawn, in caves underneath it, right in the middle of the warp room, on roofs, anywhere. If you are sitting in a boat at the end of the three minutes, then you win.
    Rules: No moving the boats from the original location.
    Reward structure: A point system similar to the newer version of spleef in the old map (the floating one with acacia and dirt), they get a point if they win the round (maybe first person in the boat gets 2 points and the second person in gets 1 point), or it could just be 1 dia per win or something.
    Build area: (spawn)
    Other: I don't know how to actually implement this, so maybe it wouldn't work at all, but even a mod going around in /v placing 5 boats isn't that hard.
  11. Name of event: Ice Boat Racing
    Player limit: N/A
    Time limit:
    Goal of the event: Be the first person across the finish line in a boat.
    How to play: Start at the starting line and race to the finish line. First, second, and third players across the line get a prize.
    Rules: Must be in a boat at all times. No teaming. Other rules to be determined by staff.
    Reward structure:
    Randomized like spleef. Get teleported to a room where a random prize will be rewarded.
    Build area (describe the area/zone its played at): Large area made of ice and snow. Maybe with some blocks to slow players down if they run over them. Kinda like Mario Kart.
  12. Name of event: Dropper
    Player limit: N/A
    Time limit: 1 Hour (20 minutes for each round, assuming bonus round is played)
    Goal of the event: Survive the fall down to the bottom of the pit
    How to play: Observe the path down and try to find a viable option amidst the blocky path. 3 rounds. each player gets 1 try. first 3 to the bottom win. Then after the first 3 rounds, blazes or other mobs/obstacles/blocks are added to increase the difficulty (for this final round, only the first 2 people down get a prize).
    Rules: no elytral, potions, or armor, no cheating. (other rules, and these ones, may be determined by staff)
    Reward structure: PRIZES FOR FIRST 3 TO REACH THE BOTTOM: A Spleef Reward-esque system without spleef gear, possibly with dropper gear.
    Build area: An inverted cone-like structure that is usually made to have a design or aesthetic, filled with randomly or aesthetically placed blocks throughout to make it harder for the players to find a path to the bottom.
    Other: If possible, it would make for a much better experience if we could have different droppers for each event, and reuse one every few events.

    (if this idea is acceptable, but requires any changes, go ahead)
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    Name of event: TNT Run
    Player limit: N/A
    Time limit: 10 minutes {per round}
    Goal of the event: To be the last person standing in the arena
    How to play: This game is similar to Thomas' event. Instead of using bows to ignite TNT, people will use pressure plates that is situated on the tnt. A square of TNT with pressure plates on top is worldedited into an arena, and basically, people have to keep running otherwise they will fall to their death {probably lava} This is similar to Hypixel's TNT run, except it is purely vanilla. If there are multiple layers in the arena, the explosions falling from above onto lower layers could create a challenge for the players who have fell onto the lower layers.
    1 - No elytra
    2 - No speed items (Vanilla speed potions are allowed though)
    3 - No armour
    4 - No potion effects (except vanilla speed potions)
    5 - No weapons (or usage of bows with flame)
    Reward structure: The last person (or multiple people) standing will get a "point" which can go towards winning rares, similar to the prize pool we had last world with the spleef rewards system, except you can win things that are actually valuable, similar to how we have the spleef bow, shovel, gear etc. The prizes could be things like Elytras, Unbreakables and better than vanilla armour.
    Build Area: TNT run would be in a large arena with the main playing area being around 75x75. It could have multiple layers if TNT greifing is off.
    Other: I'm aware this event is really similar to the one on Hypixel but I believe the event should be enjoyed on this server too.
  14. Name of event: Man Hunt
    Player limit: Dunno', guess as many people that are willing to participate(?)
    Time limit: Not sure how fast/slow it could be but, maybe five minutes
    Goal of the event: Last person standing wins
    How to play: Participation would be similar to Treasure Hunt event whereas players would have to willingly push a button to participate. Standard play would be the host(s) and/or other staff looking for players around spawn claim. (I am not sure if invisibility for players would be plausible as I do not not know if staff would be able to see them or something). Hiders killed would be given speed/speed II and fireworks of some sort to give away other hiders' location and maybe a dyed leather chestplate to distinguish them from hiders still alive.
    Rules: No elytra, no blatant cheating/exploiting (i.e block glitching to places, etcetera), no speed items, no advantageous potion effects (i.e speed, jump boost). Further rules may be applied to deter things like bad sportsmanship (i.e intentionally dying to purposefully get someone out).
    Reward structure: RNG based like Spleef but with added special items uniquely from the event.
    Build area: Anywhere in spawn claim is fair game as long as the previously mentioned rules are not broken.
    Other: Apologies if this is impractical, but as long as it is possible with obviously needed modifications would be okay with me. Apologies again for such a bad explanation or bad wording.
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  15. Name of event: X Raids (X varies depending on the structure)
    Player limit: As many who wants to try.
    Time limit: 20~ minutes,
    Goal of the event: Get to the end of the structure with keys to win.
    How to play:
    This event is going to be random when it happens, no set date (however it should happen when there a good amount of players on) When announced, Players will go the structure (Unsure how this would work, perhaps a temp warp) and try to go through it. (Note: The Structure I am working on is A Catacombs.) All the structures will have traps inside them so there is a possibility of being trapped and killed.
    Each structure will be different but the goal I have is getting 2 keys and at the end of the Structure there is a door they have to open using the keys. The player to open the door wins the rewards
    Rules: No Elytra, no speed/special items, no potions, no /hat's on (For light).
    Settings: Players will need their brightness to Moody and FOV to 56 (these are to make the adventure more engaging and dangerous). Note: Each player only has one chance at raiding these structures. If they get trapped or die they cannot re-enter.
    Reward structure: X Db (Some structures could have more/less DB than others - atm 20 is what I have it at)
    Build area: THe structures will usually be big and can really be built anywhere in the world.
    Other: I really hope I explained this well enough. Please tell me if it's unclear.

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