Login problems: invalid ip 77.161.155

Discussion in 'Reports' started by DjrQ, May 22, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    I was just online, logged off for 15 minutes, and now that I try to hop back on, I get the error message as shown in the title.

    Checked my connection: everything works fine. Rebooted. No avail. Did cmd ipconfig /release and /renew: nothing.

    Am I the only one experiencing this problem? Does anybody have a sollution?

  2. Ps. Ip adress as shown in title is not my ip adress
    Pps. Also removed and re-added the server; same error
    Ppps. Launcher now says:'Api server down' . There's our sollution: Mojang has technical problems. Well... We'll just wait and see
    Pppps. Now my paasword doenst work. Changed it. Still not working. Weird stuff going down.
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  3. Whew! I thought I was banned or something lol
    Wonder if it is 1.13 related? I had to re-login too
  4. Yea me too. Are you on now though?
  5. I'm not, but it says 11 people are on in the join window
  6. Shoot I see it with a diff IP than you. Maybe we are both banned?
  7. I've got the same
    When I opened up my minecraft launcher it had logged me out and I tried logging in and yeh got the same thing *edit I'm on now
  8. Still locked out? I am!
  9. I don't know if this is related at all *edit I believe it is the issue
    [link removed]
  10. Fixed
  11. I logged on successfully but am still having to re-log on every time i launch minecraft.
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  12. Yeah same i was on early on when i logged out i saw error posts on forum and mojang website now im trying to log on i had to enter my accounts again so they seen to have been deleted but never time i enter my username and password it keep saying 'Login failed. Invalid username or password. so i cant even get pass the the mojang log in screen to even see the server to log into ive been trying to get back for past half a hour but :(
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  13. Hey mates,

    it seems this is a problem with Mojang's API servers, as reported by official sources. It also seems to affect people randomly, without a specific pattern.

    Hold on tight, it'll be over soon!

    Yours truly,
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