Lizz's Mending Service

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  1. Not really selling anything but offering a service.

    Hey all! I have created a new Mending service for the server! It is located just south of plains warp at -3844/7299! There is a grass path that goes straight (past sugarcane) at the end of the south plains path.

    All you would need to do is drop the items that you need mended into the hopper provided (don't worry there are two double chests below the floor). Your items will be given back to you after about a day or so (in game via trade room or if you have a PO box at Roofed Forest). If you get concerned about the status of your item(s) feel free to message me in game or on Discord (Lizzie#3963)! Be sure to have your item named as your IGN before you drop it in the hopper for return! You absolutely do NOT have to pay me for this service, though donations are appreciated!
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