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  1. Hi! I'm LizzieLavender, but most people know me as Lizz or Liz (one z or two I don't care). I've been playing on the server since December 2018. What some people may not know about me is that my actual name is not actually Lizz/Lizzie. My actual first name is Megan, but there's another Megan on the server so I go by Lizz/Lizzie (plus, I don't actually like the name Megan so that's another reason why). I'm 22 years old and from Indiana, USA. If you want to know more, you need only ask. I'm pretty open about myself and I hope people would consider me a very friendly player! My Discord is Lizzie#3963.
  2. Hi, Lizzie! Welcome to the forum. I just have one question! Do you play any instruments? ^u^
  3. Thank ya! I do! I played clarinet and percussion in band. Took piano lessons for like... a year when I was like 10. I am slowly trying to teach myself guitar!
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  4. Definitely the better Megan! (dunt tell other Meg I said this)
  5. Cool!!
  6. Aww that's sweet, but other Meg is awesome and amazing and she'll be able to see this if she looks at this thread. xD
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    Welcome to the forums, Lizzie. Have fun and be safe! :]

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