Lag's Market Index: Your completely Unaffiliated guide to Mid-High tier Trading

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  1. Hey! So, this has been in the works for quite some time, but I'm finally getting the go ahead to fully release it.

    I'm Sure a lot of you already have this bookmarked or whatever, bit salty about it getting leaked and whatnot but whatever, I'll just get into it.

    Lag's Market Index
    Your Completely Unaffiliated guide to Mid/High Tier Trading


    • Comprehensive list of Over 175+ Heads, Including pictures, sources, and categories!
    • Short list of Rares including price ranges, effects, and enchantments!
    • Short list of Unbreakables
    • Short list of Resource conversion rates
    • Sub Directory for Interesting locations across the Server!


    Just some brief info about stuff I'd like to explain.

    This has been in the works for a bit of time. As such, I've recently not had the time to update it. I'll be updating soon, as soon as I get the time. Examples of what needs updating includes, the Unbreakables and Rares. I've been a bit busy as of recently so I apologize for that.

    Adding onto that, prices could have been changed from the time I originally made this, so please message me if that is so.

    I'd love to hear feedback about prices.

    Why are you writing this if it need to be updated?
    Like I'd said, I've just gotten the go ahead to post this and am incredibly excited, so there's that.

    I'd love to add more locations to the List. So just message me or get into contact with me somewhere, and we'll get around to adding that. I Can take screenshots and write stuff myself, or you can provide it.


    Please don't contact any members of staff for information or whatnot about this.

    I'll just shut up now and let you check it out for yourself. Thanks for Reading.

    Click for Link


    Huge shoutout to Lefik for creating the Head Format. As well as drawable, for a lot of head names/information

    Shoutout to Zulmax, and Antipolar for helping test the site, and for inspiration.

    Didn't know where to post this so just posted where the other references were.​
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  2. LPO232

    LPO232 Guest

    If anyone's wondering; every single non-player head should be on that list. So it's a good way to check out what you're missing in your collection. I update it every time new heads are added to the server.

    Also stickied this thread.
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  3. Glad to see some of the info is up to date atleast
  4. Great creation!! Thanks, this will help a lot with selling my extra heads!! Thanks for the kind words about Bart and Bear's mall! We are restocking as fast as we can and should soon be fully operational again.
  5. Highly recommend checking this out for heads. Helped me complete my collection.
  6. Hey lag I bought a mana shard for 50DB if that helps
  7. Is the penguin head correct? I had that as a head from my skin the other penguin I have thats not on the list that I believe I got in the Christmas pack is the penguin where you can see its arms and feet on the head. Its hanging in my house if you need to see.
  8. This head. sorry no arms but feet are on it.

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  9. Odd. All the images of the heads are from the HeadDB site I think. I'm not sure, you'd have to ask lefik. Otherwise we'd have to take photos of every head in-game. Also why they're not the highest quality.
  10. LPO232

    LPO232 Guest

    Flower will be keeping the head database up to date in my absence.

  11. Hey Lag, I might be able the take some pictures of the heads I have to produce higher quality pictures this weekend, would that be ok for you?
  12. Hey, with the way it is currently setup I think it would be best to keep the head website heads. Thank you :)
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