Lady Liberty 2022

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  1. Hi all,

    With the reset of the server comes a need for a new build, and I have the itch to get started. Last map, I created a 148x148 Historically accurate Civil War stone fort, prison, and camp. Surrounded by a village, port, and earthworks forts commonly seen during the height of the war. I took much pride in this project and spent over 6 months perfecting it.

    This server, I decided to create something a bit more public and accessible to all. As most of you have experienced, copper is in large supply with the new update. Copper was historically used in many different ways on housing and large building construction, along with electrical applications and artdeco designs. The most commonly known copper structure in the world is the Statue of Liberty in New York.

    I have secured a lease on a spawn plot on the west road to begin construction of the replica statue. You are welcome to watch as the build climbs higher and higher.

    I request copper and scaffolding for this project! Your name will be forever added to the wall of contributors and you will be rewarded in time for your help!


  2. I can donate roughly 8 stacks of copper blocks, do you have a place where I can drop them off? Best of luck with the project.
  3. Yes, where would you like us to donate copper??
  4. I have set up a hopper at -172 -187. This is also the location of the build.

    Thank you all!
  5. Coming together slowly! 2022-04-06_13.20.49.png 2022-04-06_15.49.16.png
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  6. I sorted all the donations in the chests for you HalfThumb, and the Donations are open again!!!

    Donation Hopper is on the West Road at spawn, 2nd build on the right. Cords: -172 70 -185

    Can't wait to see this project done!! Gonna look epic!