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Discussion in 'Selling' started by jinnie, May 3, 2021.

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    here's some things im selling!! lmk what you want and feel free to comment, msg me on discord or in game to buy : D

    2021-05-02_19.10.34 copy.png

    1(row) : unbr sword, hoe (x5), fishing rods (x3) 15dbs
    2a: unbr chainmail helmet 15dbs
    2b: unbr leather helmet 10dbs
    2c: pig spawn eggs (x13) 1db? willing to negotiate price
    2d-g: zombie horse egg, skeleton horse egg, undying totem 15 dbs
    2h: pigstep disc 10dbs
    2i: heart of the sea 5dbs
    3a: nether stars (x5) 4dbs
    3b-c: shulker shells (x4), enchanted golden apples (x3) 2dbs
    3d: dragon head 15 dbs one left
    3e: dragon egg 20dbs
    3f: love ball (valentines) 6dbs
    3g: black d'hide legs (myth pack) 7dbs
    3h: winter firework (christmas 2019) offers lol idk
    3i: frosty's nose (christmas 2019) 12dbs
    4a-b: winter hat, winter boots (christmas 2019) 10dbs
    4c-d: lump of coal (x2), christmas tokens (x7) (christmas 2019) offers idk
    4e-g: 5th anniversary cake, safe survival beanie 7dbs
    4h-i: member berries, god of steak offers sweg
    5a: plug dj record 20dbs
    5b: haunted masks (halloween 2020 dono pack)6dbs
    5c-d: jammed crossbow, magical beanie offers
    5e: queen bee's honey 7dbs
    5f-g: magical elf dust (x2), M&Ms offers
    5h-i: bunny leggings (easter 2020) 25dbs
    6a: Hedgehog Quills (build comp 2020) 2 1/2 stacks of dbs
    6b: scythe (glorious vote rank) 55dbs
    6c-g: explorers potions (x3) (better than mining pots by :30 secs) 7dbs
    6h: wavering flask of unleashed limits (th) 4dbs
    6i: mining potion 4dbs

    unbreakable diamond boots 1 stack of dbs
    bee spawn eggs (x2) 12 dbs

    sold ones will be greyed out. higher offers will be prioritized

    ign: arsuwun
    discord: arsuwun#3170
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  2. jinnie

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    bump + updated ^-^
    *changed some prices and added 2 things wee woo

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