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    Name: arsonistjinn
    Discord: jinn#3170
    Age: 16
    Rank: Glorious/Mythical
    Time Zone: EST

    Are there any specific ways I'd like to help?

    I’d love to help create builds, events, warps, hosting events and also help logging.

    What regarding events do you think could be improved upon?

    Having more team based events (such as 2021’s Valentines event) would be nice to have more of as we love the community coming together.

    Do you have any ideas for a game/event?

    Other than a dungeon type event which I’ve seen a lot of people want and recommend would be more story and action based events. Halloween 2020 is a nice example of what I’m meaning.

    Event Idea: Time (not the cool mod im sorry) is “broken”. Players are set out to complete tasks to forward the plot to find out why this has happened. There are mini-bosses, puzzles and team based tasks to get to the end. Although, there are hardships you have to go through, such as sacrificing your friendly NPC and possibly finding a double teamer in the NPC and player mists. Towards the end there is going to be a set of team based puzzles. You’ll have to go off of knowledge you gained earlier in the plot.

    The physical event (build) would be more whimsical compared to the counter aesthetics of the plot.

    Are you interested in helping with redstone or command blocks?

    I’ll admit it’s not my strong suit (something I’m currently working on expanding, specifically command blocks), although I can help if needed.

    Would you be interested in helping with the creation of warps/events?

    Yes I’d love to!! Major reason I’m interested in helping out.

    Why I’m interested in being part of Event Staff

    I absolutely love the community and events. Building and interacting with the community is one of my main interests and I thought why not forward that helpfulness and try my best to be part of Event Staff to help out the community. I’m also good at picking skill sets up easily, working with a team and also independently.

    Example Builds:

    Staff Item/Head Museum - forwards at mountain warp (claim owned by Dan)

    Spleef Arena - backwards at Mushroom Warp (claim owned by Salt)

    Team Bear Build Comp. - did mountain terraforming, texturing, built 1/3 of the houses (not interiors) and ceiling of temple and castle lobby

    Jinn's Castle - work in progress of my castle build -12311 -6296 (claim owned by me)

    I've also been lucky to help out a friends with their bases and small builds, Such as Dan, Az, Con and others.

    Thank you for the consideration, Jinn <3

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