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  1. Sup Guys

    Unbreakable Bow - 32 DB
    Shoot Forever!!! :D
    Unbreakable Diamond Sword - 32 DB
    Stabby Stabby

    Witch's Glass Eye - 15 DB
    A dead eye torn from the skull of the witch you carry around and it's so disgusting you run faster thinking you can escape it and the stench lowers your health, disgusting.
    Survivor's Blade - 45 DB
    Can't die if your a survivor.... I think? Anyways it does 10.5 dmg and fun to stab people with.

    Powerful Scepter - 20 DB
    Anyone else use to wait for a Hogwarts letter? No? Okay. Anyways now you can live out your dream of being a wizard virtually o SS! :D No more saddening impossible realities! Only the virtual world. Puts liar Liar pants on fire into a whole new perspective.

    Discord: Jeffdogg#8669

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