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Discussion in 'Event Staff Apps' started by jeffdogg, Nov 28, 2019.

  1. IGN: jeffdogg
    AGE: 13
    I'd like to help in any way possible.
    Head hunts should get their own map to be hidden because the spawn is too big and I see many complaints in chat.
    My idea for new games/events are Elytra Courses. You have to navigate through winding paths and even some pesky mobs that can get in your way.
    I find joy in building Redstone circuits and I always love to use command blocks. So I definitely am interested in helping with redstone and command blocks.
    I am interested in helping create warps and events, I feel like it would be a ton of fun to build with other people.
    Some screenshots of my building: It wont let me post em, just message me for them i guess?

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