item replacement ~ Spider web from Halloween

Discussion in 'Reports' started by RileyFS, Jul 28, 2020.

  1. RileyFS

    RileyFS Veteran

    (Name of item lost) Spiders Web

    What item was lost: Spiders Web
    How did you lose it?: Placed it. :l
    What time did you lose it at: 3743 hrs ago (February 21-24th from noon-7pm)
    When was the last time it was in a chest: It was in a shulker less than ~10 minutes before being placed.
    Have you had a replacement for this item before?: No.
  2. RileyFS

    RileyFS Veteran

    ^^^if a mod has to respond to this msg me on discord ! [Sadboy] Riley#2282 i won't be on safe for another 36+ hours

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