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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by mmymy, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. mmymy

    mmymy Villager

    I believe we should have more of an outline on a rule for item names. Including copying of others' items and inappropriate item names.

    Over the past couple weeks there has been a back and forth with item names. Some saying they're inappropriate/rude and copying others' item names. There's sadly not a rule for item names but there is one for igns, skins and nicknames. I think there should be more of an outline for copying item names and inappropriate item names as there sometimes seems to be some confusion and discomfort for some players regarding this.
    -mainly for use in pvp as they show up then

    although my next thing is a little more of a personal issue I still feel the need to bring it up. I've had item names that are considered 'rude' by one or two players although mods and owner have said they're okay. If there is an issue please just message the individual player or ask a mod.

    thanks <3
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  2. I don't think there should be a rule about item names- so what if someone copies your weapon title? It's really not that big of a deal in my opinion.
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  3. mmymy

    mmymy Villager

    i've realized that it does become an issue when someones weapon names is copied because the original person doesn't like. for example I know someone that has changed their item name a couple times due to people copying it despite saying they don't want people to copy it. its a basic thing, but some people just don't understand
  4. Don't think there should be a rule against it, but if someone has asked for them to change it then it is common courtesy to do so.
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  5. RileyFS

    RileyFS Veteran

    i feel like this falls under rule 2, and if someone is being annoyed at this enough, they should tell staff
  6. mmymy

    mmymy Villager

    yea that makes sense :)
  7. I agree but I think it should be stated somewhere. In my opinion, it's the same as skins or IGN's. Creating an item name can be unique and players might not want to that removed from them when others just decide to copy their item names.
  8. Perhaps it can just be as Artie said, just keep it as a 'courtesy' rule and if it annoys someone that much, just change your own.
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  9. I do not believe it should be a rule at all. As long as the item name does not upset anyone you should be allowed to name them whatever you want, and I know in the past mods have intervened to stop players using inappropriately named items. Rule #2 and the chat rules are broad enough to cover it imo. After all, item names are usually 1-2 words long, and there are only so many words in the English language.
  10. mmymy

    mmymy Villager

    i've realized it does fall under rule #2 but I felt that brining it up because there has been some discourse about em, tyty
  11. Stakar

    Stakar Veteran

    I know that with a lot of people, they name their items to something that wouldn't be the best thing to say in chat. No offense to the owners of these item names of course.

    "No meme, I despise men"
    "No homo? Not even a little bit?"

    Although I don't agree with the suggestion to copy item names, I do agree with the inappropriate item names one. I think the staff team should not make more rules, but revise old ones.

    Anyhow, that's just my opinion.

    NOTE: I checked with the owner of the item names I mentioned, and they were fine with it
  12. RileyFS

    RileyFS Veteran

    you dare challenge what i am willing to say in chat :)
  13. nutalie

    nutalie Moderator Moderator


    I understand the frustration of having an item name copied, but we believe that making a rule about copying other people's item names is simply too much to enforce. A few reasons can go behind this, such as staff needing to know for sure on who had the item name first, players having the ability to change their item name whenever, etc. Perhaps in specific scenarios staff would be able to deal with an item name getting copied, but having a whole rule about it seems to... be too much, in simpler terms.

    Staff already deal with item names that are considered inappropriate. However you're correct about the rules not stating anything about inappropriate item names so that will be added in.

    Thank you for the suggestions.
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  14. RileyFS

    RileyFS Veteran

    ty nutlet, and also could the rule say "tools, armor, etc" opposed to just weapons?
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  15. nutalie

    nutalie Moderator Moderator

    Can probably be done, pretty sure Shaz is the one adding the rule in so I'll tell him.
  16. Yeah, simply if someone copies your item name, and they don't like it, then they can tell them to change it. If they don't change it they can message a Mod.
  17. Ollie

    Ollie Recruit

    Don't think this should be a rule. It's not like you've made a copyright brand name by calling your sword Peter Dillington.
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