Issues with Donator Rank Reclaiming

Discussion in 'Reports' started by Myslicity, Mar 27, 2022.

  1. Hello,

    I hope everyone's day is going well! I'm having some issues with reclaiming my previous donator ranks. I took a look at both the Donator Reward Reclaims Are Open! and Safe Survival Donator Extra Reclaims threads but didn't see any information regarding this so I'm creating a new post. I hope that is okay!

    I have been inactive for awhile but I'm still interested in reclaiming my donator ranks. I followed the steps to reclaim Epic rank via the web store but when I try to add the item to my basket I'm prompted with the following error message: "There are required packages that you do not own". What steps should I take next to reclaim this rank?

    It's important to note that I have purchased several different donation packages throughout the years but I don't remember which ones. So, I'm only interested in reclaiming my Epic rank. Just in case, below is some information that might be useful to know:

    Current IGN: Myslicity
    Previous IGN's:
    - 0Myslicity
    - Nublicity
    - __Nordan__
    - Nord__

    Thank you!