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  1. nekkid

    nekkid Event Staff Event Staff

    Greetings Safe Survival-ers! I’m pleased to announce a fresh new event:
    Treasure Hunt!

    It’s an event to put your treasure finding skills to the test and grab all that sweet sweet loot for yourself!

    The Event:
    Chests will randomly appear on a timer within the admin claim at spawn. These chest will also have a chance to despawn, but don’t be disheartened! It will not happen when you are next to the chest. Once opened you’ve got limited time to grab items before the chest disappears.

    Each chest has a theme, for now these are:
    Aquatic - Brewing - Building - Hunting - Nether - Redstone

    A starting tip: make sure you have your inventory empty because there are a lot of potential items to be looted from the chests.

    General Rules:
    -You're allowed to slow other players down with potions during the event. The hunting chest will contain several of these to sabotage other players, but will also contain beneficial potions.
    -You're allowed to loot a chest that is already being looted by another player. However, credits for advancements only goes to the first player opening the chest.
    -Elytras are turned off and holding an item in your offhand will give you slowness during this event. This is done to give everyone an even playing field.

    -You can now opt-out and opt-in of Treasure Hunt event at the Event Center
    -Coming near a chest while opt-out will tp you to spawn during the Treasure Hunt at spawn claim
    -Using Riptide Trident while opt-in will tp you to spawn during the Treasure Hunt at spawn claim
    -Only items with speed on them in offhand will give slowness while opt-in during the Treasure Hunt at spawn claim
    -Added the last missing Staff items

    Share your thoughts/suggestions down below! Content of the chests are not final and can be nerfed/buffed where needed. It’s a beta after all :]
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  2. what about people who are in spawn not playing in the event? Do they just get the debuff of offhand slowness?
  3. My suggestion would be to make either:
    a) A special treasure map or;
    b) A duplicate of spawn in which people can play treasure hunt, maybe /warp treasure_spawn ?
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  4. That’ll just stray away from the dynamic of the spawn. I don’t really think a debuff for half an hour or so every few days (not sure when these events are scheduled) will be too much of an issue to the player base.
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  5. nekkid

    nekkid Event Staff Event Staff

    Atm it's set up that whenever a player has an item in their offhand in the spawn claim during the event, it will give them the slowness. So the quick solution to that is: Don't have anything in your offhand. The slowness is about the same power to negate a super compass and turn it into normal player speed.
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  6. If it's only for an hour every week then it sounds okay, but if its more often it's just going to be super annoying.
  7. Hikoo

    Hikoo Moderator Moderator

    Hello, the event is really so fun, Thought easy, thank you nekkid for ur hard work on this event it hope see more stuff in future : )
  8. Maybe an option to give slowness based on what is your hand, so while you have a walking stick, you don't get slowness because it negates speed from it and then some
  9. Yeah, Also Elytras will affect way more people than speed items. A lot of users use elytra when walking in spawn to get around. Super annoying but Mabey I'm being too harsh idk
  10. This event, though on the surface sounds cool, also sounds like a good way to make everyone hate each other. And for players who choose not to take part it sounds like just a big "Don't come to Spawn". I know some players use their off hand for food or other regularly used items (so don't come to spawn unless you want to rework your normal inventory layout) so during this event even if you want to just run thru spawn to use a warp or something you are nerfed. And on top of that even if the offhand thing is not an issue and you just want to run thru or use some of the tools at spawn you could end up being slowed cause some random player throws a potion at you (just cause they can and you know there will be some of that). And they whole you can raid a chest that someone is already raiding just seems like an open invite for people stocking others and taking anything they can from them (once again you know it will happen). All in all like a said sounds like a good way to make a lot of people hate each other. Not really wanting to be all negative but it just seems like a recipe for not good things. :(
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  11. Rougar

    Rougar Event Staff Event Staff

    I know some of you guys seem upset at some of the mechanics of the event, but we are still in a beta phase of this. Major elements at spawn are all close together and easily accessible by normal walking speed. I know everyone loves their super compass and walking stick, but the billy is just a few steps away. (You’ll be at a normal vanilla walking speed)

    If you are passing through spawn to get the warp room, the warp room has a /sethome space so that way you can quickly access a warp, and as far as getting effected by potions, there’s always drinking a bucket of milk to negate the effects of you’re just passing through.

    Like I said, we are still in a beta phase and are tweaking things accordingly :]
  12. I personally don't believe there's any need to be so pedantic about this event. I don't see the world coming close to ending because non-participating players are getting a debuff. It's ~60 blocks from /spawn to get to your warps and the billy villagers.

    I took some readings for the time it takes to go from spawn to the warps / villagers.

    Without any speed buffs, t=~8 seconds.
    With Super Compass, t=~5 seconds.

    Like I said, there's little to no reason to have resistance towards this event when you're only losing 3 seconds of your time...

    On the flipside, there's going to be far more activities to do in the server. This is exactly what we need to keep people interested in playing on SS. Thank you to the Event Staff who have been working on this.
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  13. I really like this event - I'll always say yes to free quartz for building haha.

    Would it be possible to extend the timer after the chest opens and before it despawns? One thing that really bugged me is because the blocks are in their base form - like nether quartz, nether bricks, etc - I needed a few extra seconds to craft the items to make enough room after a couple chests. I think the current timer is about 12 seconds - maybe it could be 15 instead?
  14. No one said anything about the world ending because of this (over dramatic much) I am just pointing out some of the issues with the mechanics of the event. Its not just "losing 3 seconds of your time" (I for one spend more time at spawn than it takes to to walk from point A to B) it is also about the likelihood of the trolling I talked about if you had read all of my post.

    I would love to see lots of fun events happening on the server and understand that this is the Beta version of the event, thus why I wanted to provide some feed back on possible issues I see with the event (I thought that was the point of this thread).

    On a side note:

    this just seems like a really ridiculous response -If you don't want to take part or be harassed you could always just carry extra equipment with you- correct me if I am wrong but making it so people who don't want to play they game have to fix and issue with the game just seems silly.

    As I said in my original post this event sounds fun, and I do appreciate the work that has gone in to getting it set up, I would like to see it move into its final form, hopefully that is one where all players can enjoy their time on the server weather they are taking part or not.
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  15. Tis a figure of speech. What I’m getting at is that you’re blowing this out of proportion, that’s all.

    Players trolling? Harmful Potions purposely being thrown on unsuspecting non-participants? Large scale boycott of spawn whilst the event is underway?? Sounds unlikely and a little silly. The rules are still in effect 24/7, that’s never going to change.

    Of course the event is competitive, but that isn’t going to make people hate each other just as much as other events e.g Spleef do. Even so, what would be the solution? Participation awards? There’s always going to be winners and losers in such events (in your example, those who can grab the contents in the chest quick enough, and those who cannot). That isn’t a negative. Rather that’s what makes these events enjoyable - The strive to win and earn your reward.
  16. Only person who seems to be blowing things out of proportion is you -once again no one said anything about a boycott and no one said anything about wanting handouts. You are entitled to your option about the event and so are others - please try to stick to constructive comments about the event instead of talking down to people who are making suggestions you don't like/agree with.

    At the end of the day all I think everyone wants is an event we all can enjoy :)
  17. I thought the event was fun. There is competition but it's not like it's do or die. The protect spawn game from before the reset was about as competitive. It's also rather easy to tell whose searching for the chests and whose not. I doubt many people are going to get hit by the few potions that are actually thrown if they're not participating. The chests themselves, the ones that I saw or found, all spawned out away from the common traffic areas. And the rewards, besides the staff stuff, is really common items. Sure they may take more work to get the amount but it wasn't anything really unique. I'm looking forward to the next time it happens when I'm on.
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  18. It sounds like a neat concept and am interested to see it evolve if it does. Just hope one day I will be on for it. -Subtly raises sign for buying unique items from it-
  19. Hikoo

    Hikoo Moderator Moderator

    Durpy the event will host for 10-15 mins, dont think ppl gonna get really so mad for getting slowness and disbaled elytra for this time in spawn...
  20. nekkid

    nekkid Event Staff Event Staff

    Yes it is telling you to suck it up AT THE MOMENT cause it's a BETA VERSION, a version that is meant to be worked on. So far 48+ hours have been spend on coding, trial, error and testing for this event. I want to add all these new little events cause I think its fun for the community. And that takes time and also testing. So please, don't tell me to put in more effort. It's my hobby, not my job.

    I like feedback, it makes events better. What I personally find annoying is people sharing concerns in a salty way while not offering any form of thoughts/ideas how you would want to see it different. "I DONT LIKE X FIX IT" is not valuable to me at all nor is it constructive. Like Amrou said on discord; "You can please all of the people some of the time or some of the people all of the time, but you will never please all the people all of the time."

    Ok. With that out of the way; Lets get into the more constructivematter. By reading between the lines of everyone's response I agree with most of the concerns so far. It's a beta for that reason, things will be lame, OP, annoying, etc. Please I ask this in a kind way: Bare with me, I'm not a perfect being that knows everything and how it will actually unfold when players are involved. Don't you worry about this being its final form. I'm just happy that the core features of random chests spawning the random loot works as it should. Ironing out the small annoyances etc is the next step in the process.

    Offhand Slow
    At the moment the no offhand is a band-aid solution. The core reason why I wanted a system in place that disabled Elytras and Speed Items is because there are a lot more players without those items than players with them. So its to give equal opportunity and my initial solution to that was disabling Elytra's and adding a slow to players. Using any kind of selector targeting players will cause lag, even when pinpointing coordinates of the spawn claim. If I have to add every speed item separate it will increase that lag, so as you can guess I need to be careful with that and settled for the no offhand band-aid solution for now. I tested 1 method of this the first time the datapack got uploaded, went from 20tps to 9 tps. Now, can it be done more efficient? Yup! And I will try to do so in upcoming tests with the new idea for handling it better.

    Chest Content
    Thoughts on the the contents of the chest themes is what I'm most curious about, cause this was the hardest thing for me to figure out; what to put in every chest loot table. First iteration was me having 3 chests: common, uncommon and rare and focusing more of the traditional iron, gold, emerald, diamond rewards. I didn't really find that original at all so I decided on those themed chest. Now, I fully accept that for some people the contents of the themed chest are welcomed/handy while for others will be less so, and to quote hikooo:"I don't want this junk Nekkid, here you have it"(it was a joke). My idea behind the themes is that the content of the chests should be more efficient time wise than gathering those materials yourself. It's quite early to tell cause relatively "few" players have played the event and know what's inside the chest. So I'm hoping to gather more feedback on this aspect as time goes on.

    Chest "grieving"
    I allowed this cause there is no way to uphold a "not allowed to loot other peoples chests" without having all the staff present in /v and following every other player who is participating in the event. It's also the reason why the chests feel so "Full", so the first player looting the chest can go after the things they find valuable and risk having possible competition for things they find less valuable. It also adds the element of tension to be quick once you see a chest and possibly use the "Tar Trap" defensively to slow down other people getting to "your chest".

    Potion effects
    A solution to the concern of grieving those that do not participate is to add a "safe zone" in the form of a cross that runs from spawn point to Event Center and from Shops to Warps. Potions were added to the "Hunting Chest" together with the speed potions as means to add a bit of flair/dynamic to the event and there might be more effects/combinations added in the future. Maybe things that have a bigger effect radius so that people need to look out for where they are walking, etc.

    Items to be added
    I'm planning to have a small set of unique heads that are tied to each chest theme to make it more desirable for those that don't necessarily like/need the normal content of the chest.

    Future Modes
    So as time pass the event will evolve adding and changing more and more stuff. There may be a possibility to have the "normal" mode to be without the potion effects. Atm I just had to add those to see players reaction. How fun it may sound I'm reluctant to add a full pvp mode in, but it might be fun only if there would be a safe zone in the middle part of spawn. Other ideas for modes are:
    -random effects on the players when opening a chest, both beneficial and not.
    -mobs spawning when you open the chest that offer additional(unique) loot.
    -chance of teleporting you to a random location with a small chance of actually teleporting you to a treasure room with multiple chests.
    -spawning all the 151 chests and the event stops when all of them are found and looted.
    And I'd love to read more ideas for modes from you guys.

    Little Hint
    There is an item you get from one of the "open X chests" advancements that has some..."interesting" side effects to it while wearing it. This however is still testing phase and the aim is to not make this item lag out the server.

    I'd like to end this by pointing out that this wasn't done in 1 hour. I'm pausing my Christmas warp building at the time of typing this just to address some concerns and frankly dealing with salty people isn't really motivating me to do anything for the server at this rate. So please. Be helpful addressing concerns in a constructive way both on here and on discord and leave your bag of salt (or any toxicity for that matter) on your kitchen shelve. Thanks
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