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  1. Hello all. My irl name is Michael Hoerbelt and I’ll be 30 in April. I’ve been playing mc on and off for 8 years. I enjoyed playing with a similar server to this one called BSF and made many friends. Eventually the majority of them moved on in their lives (to college) and I too left the game because of that for a couple years. Then I was committed on Empire Minecraft (or vice versa?) and made a couple of good friends...left that and took a 2-3 year break from the game. Early fall of 2019 my family started a server in which I started to take interest in because it was “safe” until my niece destroyed what I built....

    Here alas I am hoping that this public server will fill my needs/wants for the game. I’m still catching up on all the updates. I enjoy building medieval structures. I’ve always been big in working on castles, churches, roads, bridges, canals, and rivers. My latest projects on my family’s survival server include a working portcullis and elevator. I’ve also thought about making street lamps that all come on at once when it becomes dark and a sewer system with trapdoors and ladders in place of manhole covers.

    I’m always interested in improving my builds and trying something new. I yearn for others to come see my work and vice versa, otherwise it’s like playing single player-what’s the point?

    I hope to be online Thursday’s and on most weekends. I drive Tractor trailers for my day job which takes up 100% of my day. When I get home all I wanna do is eat...and sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I have a passion for this game, but I have to prioritize my schedule.

    Hopefully I can make a few mc friends while I’m here, and hopefully I’ll be here for years to come!

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  2. Hello and welcome! I hope Safe Survival can fill your needs/wants as well

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