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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Bella, Nov 29, 2020.

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    Uh well, many of y'all already know me but for the ones that don't as much..

    My name is Isabella, more so Bella. You may see many things I get called by certain people, but if you don't know me, simply can call me Bella until the time being :). Ahah idk why I'm making this at 1 am but I am.
    I just made a forum account months later after joining bc out of laziness and could just view things without having an account, so bare with me. I joined sometime in March, when I was 17, but now I'm 18, even tho I don't look it to some people, my interests are like everywhere ever since like junior year of highschool and i still have senior year to finish but for most part.. I tend to draw when I do feel like it, I used to a lot but like, I've sorta been burned out of it a lot and done it ever so often. I really wasn't so talkative when I joined bc of obvious reasons like anxiety and just not knowing people, until the one time I ran into Enny (Enelis) and it sorta went from there so I do thank Enny for that lol, I'll get along with anyone as long as they remain chill <3. Uhh I'm not really picky on things but don't ask me for many opinions bc more likely I won't have a answer right away or just not all the time lol. uhm idk what else so yea,, y'all can ask me things via in this post, dm on discord, in game if you see me, or whatever this forum thing of conversations allow. Mind you I do have my dms just open, I don't wanna have to turn them to closed, otherwise ily all :'
    Be gay, and uh Don't be sus :)
    IGN: SmolIsabutt
    Discord: ~Isababy~#1749
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    you're a nerd
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  3. welcome gay <3
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  4. Bella

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    no u
  5. Bella

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    my favorite pan <3 ty
  6. Rubinator_123

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    Welcome bellA, nice to meet you! :^)
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  7. B E L L S A
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  8. Bella

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    ty beAn
  9. Bella

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    l I z z I e

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