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    Hey all, we've spent some time going through and updating our rules. This is has been done for a few reasons, but primarily to simplify/remove bloat and unify the rules into one thread. The updated rules can be viewed in the original rules thread:


    1. When do these rule changes take into effect?

    These rule changes are in place as of this posting.

    2. Why are the rules being updated?
    The previous set of rules were spread across several different pages, each written in a different format. This made the rules much more tedious to browse than they needed to be. The new rules combine all the in-game rules into one post and format. In addition, we've removed various rules that were deemed redundant or unnecessary.

    3. What kind of changes are being made?
    Most of the changes involve removing bloat, as well as unifying all the server rules into one place.
    As far as in-game goes, things will be remaining mostly the same. Here are some of the notable rule changes that were not rewordings:
    • Unnecessary space fillers (►, ▇, », etc) are now considered spam.
    • The restrictions on red (&4) chat and nicks have been lifted, however, this does not mean you can use it and other colors constantly; color spam is still not allowed.
    • The increased advertising limit for gambling machines has been removed; they now fall under the same 10 minute rule as other advertisements.
    • Various redstone restrictions have been removed.
    4. Will I be punished retroactively for breaking a new rule?
    No, you will not be punished if you broke a new rule before the changes are implemented. Rules that have simply been reworded do not count as new rules.

    5. I was previously warned for breaking a rule that has since been removed in the changes. Can I have the warning removed?
    No, we will not be removing such warnings.

    6. Is the punishment system being changed in any way?
    The procedures for bans and punishments are remaining the same.

    If you have any suggestions or additional questions, let us know here.
    Thanks for reading.
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