Important! Security Exploit Found in Minecraft, How To Protect Your Client!

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    Now you just need to start up the client and Mojangs update has the patch.

    There's a user side fix you should implement asap!

    1. Start your client, then click the 'Installations' Tab at the top

    2. Click the ... and then 'edit' next to the version you are currently using.

    3. Click 'more options'

    4. Copy and Paste this text to the end of the text in the "JVM Arguments" box.


    Do not remove anything else in there.

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  2. Congrats.. you broke my launcher. I did everything exactly and I now get this error message:
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  3. Ah nevermind, I did some googling and apparently needed to allow more memory for Java. Strange.
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  4. im a bit late but i tried but it gave me [​IMG]
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    There was an edit to the original post stating all that needed to be done now was launching the launcher. All you need to do is remove the part added and it will work correctly