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  1. I am not selling anymore so plz lock thread :)
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  2. 3 stacks of prismarine brick...
    How has no1 bought that yet lol
    3 dia per stack, so 1 DB for all 3?
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  3. Good point. I think I'll take that offer...
  4. No dude, I asked 1st.
  5. Oh, my apologies. I didn't notice that was a question/offer prior to your response. I won't place a bid, so you can have it. :]
  6. Ok so.. That's highest bid rn.. Just msg me when u on.
  7. I'm online atm, have been for a while, what's your IGN? Mine is Fried_Emerald
  8. Dogloversmc and idk when I'll be on
  9. I wouldn't take the prismarine, they go for like 2 stax a diamond
  10. I am on now, just saw ya and msg'd ya but u left
  11. This is the issue
  12. Or the loophole, on your side of the issue xD
  13. Ye IK it was an issue, so I sold it for less. I am just trying to make a lil money after all to buy miterials 4 my house :)
  14. What do you have left?
    Also, what materials do you need? I might have extra's :)
  15. Anything I have left is "waiting for offer"

    And for materials, I am building a house and stable with my friend, and I know we need lots of wood, but am unsure of other things because I'm not that great of a builder or planner
  16. Tbh your better off dropping some of this stuff in a drop party/community chest or giving it to noobs (such as the leather tunic and the iron swords). I don't think you'll get many offers for them @Dog, esp with the enchants ranging from not-that-great to trash. Just a bit of advice :)
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  17. Ok.
    Well let me know.
    Also let me know what type of wood you are using.
  18. remember, you won't get a lot if you sell them for bad prices! Just saying
  19. I am using oak wood
  20. Dog, why are you on Safe Survival while you are at school?
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