Ideas for new rules

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  1. Hello! I've created a list of new rules.

    *If you kill a bunny, they must die from an axe.
    -an axe must be used for the killing blow.
    -swords and bows may not be used.

    *All jungle biomes must have at least 1 tiki hut built in them.
    -tiki themed builds are also welcomed.
    -this rule only applies to jungle biomes within the world border.

    *If you swim in lava, proper swimming technique must be applied.
    -no doggie paddling
    -no water wings or tubes. those will burn in lava.

    *If you see Rubinator_123 or Ikith at spawn, you must throw apples at them.
    -golden apples are okay to throw.

    *these rules were created out of boredom & will NOT be implemented into the official Safe Survival Rules.
    *these rules are also susceptible to change without prior notice.

    Thank you for reading :)
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  2. Another new rule:
    No leaving trees in the wild with only one log left.
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  3. Oofff...that always hurts my soul. Can this be a bannable offence plllleeeeaaassseee???
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  4. Ikith

    Ikith Master


    What did I ever do to you clover?!
  5. Why would you kill a poor bunny?
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  6. To sharpen my axe, obviously
  7. Because it is fun?
  8. You are all dead to me -jk, for those who cannot understand sarcasm.
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  9. Amrou Kithkin

    Amrou Kithkin The Dread Pirate

    Maaaan how will I get all my wood now???
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  10. Please take the ENTIRE TREE
  11. Tasha

    Tasha Veteran

    I’ll supply the apples.
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  12. Ikith

    Ikith Master

    I cri :( why you have to be so mean to me?!
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  13. Amrou Kithkin

    Amrou Kithkin The Dread Pirate

    You dont understand, I chop down those 1 block trees that players leave hanging in the sky...
  14. Those are the best trees.
  15. You are the best. All players please be like Amrou
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  16. That would be so amazing.
  17. Welp I threw all my apples at rubin so...
  18. This should also be a rule:


    (I don't care how just make sure it's dead)
  19. I kill any villager that's not a farmer or a librarian with a good trade. Guess I'm good with that rule.
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  20. I usually keep a few of each other types alive since some of them have good trades, but for fisherman/shepherd/cartographer...
    "the lava chamber is to the right"