I will be downloading any builds/bases that are requested.

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  1. I am planning to take a world download of any warps/notable locations using the world downloader mod once it is permitted on the server.
    If you want any builds to be downloaded, reply to this post with the coordinates and a screenshot of the build.

    I will list any coordinates which have been requested through Discord, as well as warp locations and personal builds. I have also scoured through my sethomes.

    A list of all the coordinates are listed here:
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  2. How far out from any given point are you planning to collect? Would your download of Spawn also get Munchausen's Post Office?
  3. I believe so. For spawn, I will be doing around 1-2000 blocks away from it as well as connecting up every single warp thru the overworld.
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  4. How much of the warps will you be downloading? My base is very close to mountain warp, just wanna make sure
  5. What are the coords of your base?
  6. -2010 -3529
  7. Base: 2562.882 67.00000 -24905.250 (Big Area)
    Villagers 1: 2687.414 65.00000 -24848.669
    Villagers 2: -2997.737 33.00000 -10584.822
    Base 2: 11485.641 68.93750 -1499.549 (big area)
    Base 3:-7466.693 62.93750 -16140.229 (Big Area

    these are all the ones i desire to save. last one i didnt build but got it through claim check last year but want to save it.
  8. Rubinator_123

    Rubinator_123 Moderator Moderator

    Base: 3717 69 6780 (Directly west from Plains Warp)

    Medieval Thing with houses: 4920 63 -2034 (Swamp Warp)
    Buildcomp Area: 4829 63 -2217 (Swamp Warp)
    Castle: 4853 -2343 (Swamp Warp)
  9. doubex1

    doubex1 Moderator Moderator

    Pls don't forget to like get the below areas
  10. The world downloader will save chunks as a whole, as a real world would.
  11. -3770, -6000

    Fort Thumb It should be a couple of claims if memory serves me right. Basically everything along the river banks, please!
  12. -5239 /-7333
    Jay's Pinewood Castle, one massive claim behind island warp, my favorite base ive ever build, please save this if possible Thanks!
  13. Eugene H. Krabs

    Eugene H. Krabs Moderator Moderator

    -16902 / 9336
    Main Base

    14781 / 12995
    March 2021 Steampunk Build Comp - 3rd Place

    2191 / 101
    Spawn House (not sure if this falls into the region you already planned on claiming)

    -21383 / 9032
    September 2021 Temp Warp Build - 1st Place
  14. If anyone would like their builds to be downloaded, please remember to list them in this thread!
  15. Main base: -2010 -3529
    storage: -11094 -8645
    base 2: -8897 4553
    base 3: 13889 -13545
    another place: -2151 -4583

  16. flint

    flint Villager

    Flint's base: -2450 5600

    thank you!
  17. sStari, will we be able to download these from you at some point when you are finished?
  18. Yes, that's the plan
  19. Update: A large portion of the locations have been finished! I have around 30 or so locations to complete. I am not too sure when I will release the map, but it will be within the next two weeks.
  20. MusicOwner

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    Could you also include my base?
    Thank you :D

    -3000 8500