I got permanentrly banned unfairly

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by hsedano111, Dec 3, 2021.

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    I log on safesurvival and like 1 minute later I were banned beacause an offensive nive but I dont se the Inapropiate name in : Hector_Lmao can some one unbanned me?


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  2. Hello and thank you for appealing.

    As for the reason you were banned it is because your name has an abbreviation of a swear in it (the a portion of the second half of your username). In our rules we do not allow abbreviated swears in chat, signs, or usernames and that is why you were banned. However all you need to do is change your username and message a moderator on discord or on this post here and we will check to see if your name has indeed been changed (we can use such programs as NameMC so this is very easy). Once we see that the name has changed and fits within our rules you will be unbanned and free to play again.
  3. hsedano111

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    I dont now that LMAO were a swear abreviation
  4. hsedano111

    hsedano111 Villager

    Nooooo I already change it like 1 week before
  5. Unfortunately then you will have to wait until you can change it to play on here again. However when you do simply follow the instructions i said before and we will unban you asap