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  1. Alright so basically I have said I never get bored or run out of ideas, which is true? But basically I have so many ideas I don't know what to do. Should I make plots of land for people to have their own shops and pay me a fee/rent? Should I make a shop? (I'm not sure what I would sell :/, I would do dye but I can't figure out how to farm ALL dyes.) I wanna do some sort of job doing Redstone though! I have so many things I could do but don't know which to follow thru with. If someone can help please do. I need to know which to do XD. But ig you know an easy way to get ALL dyes please tell me, I wanna open a glass shop (hopefully at savannah >;D) but currently can't. I'm stuck :I.
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    The only piece of advice I can give is to do what you would enjoy the most, not what would make the most money.

    I really like real estate - whether its selling spawn condos (cheap ad) or building towns. Truthfully, for all the time I spend on building these towns I could make far more diamonds and use of the land by running shops. Yet planning and selling real estate provides me far more enjoyment than the most successful shop ever would.

    DBs are replaceable and - not to get super philosophical here - worthless if you have nothing to do with them. But the enjoyment you get from creating something you love is priceless.
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  3. If you want a pretty good guide to making all the dyes, you can check the Minecraft wiki. There are a few which simply cannot be gotten from renewable sources, such as lapis lazuli (dark blue) - although that may have changed in 1.14.4, I haven't checked. Most can be obtained from plants, so build yourself a bone farm for bonemeal, a cactus farm etc. Last rest a player called Stoner made a tonne of dbs by selling dye because no one else could be bothered to make them and it was convenient to shop at his. Redstone workers are always great, people will always need piston doors.
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  4. Thanks, Faquarl! I'll be sure to check it out! And yeah tau, I'll do it as long as im enjoying it!

    EDIT: Heheh i forgot you can make dyes other ways than just turning a flower into it lol. I am now making tremendous progress and having fun :D.
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