How do you feel about reseting for 1.17

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RileyFS, Jan 25, 2021.

How do you feel about a reset for 1.17?

  1. Sure, I would be ok with a reset

  2. I would quit

  3. I would be unhappy but I will do it if its for the best

  4. Other (specify in replies)

  5. I am unsure how I would feel about a reset/ I don't understand what a reset means for the server.

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  6. I am indifferent to a reset.

  7. I would prefer only an overworld reset if possible.

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  1. 1.17 brings many changes. Most notable is world and biome generation. Caves will be generated differently, and will have biomes in them. The overworld will also be generated a much differently. This poses the question, "How will we update to 1.17?" Well, if we take the normal route of expanding the map border, it will keep us from resetting, but the new chunks will be generated much differently and it will look very ugly. In addition, you will have to Warp at least 14,000 blocks out to find new caves and newly generated land. Rare items, important builds, and all else will be removed. However, if we reset, we will have the entire map be at new caves and new biomes with new land generation. This will make the entire update very accessible to the community. This will reset the economy and everyone will be on more or less the same level. It is a new chance for the server to rebuild and thrive.

    NOTE: This is not an official poll. Shaz has nothing to do with it, and it will not directly influence the path taken during the update. I simply want to hear the communities thoughts and opinions.
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  2. I'd say that if there was to be a reset, that ender chest data, map data, and player data be carried over like they did when they reset the nether for 1.16. That way, it's not a full reset but a dimension reset.
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  3. Ikith

    Ikith Master

    If there's going to be a reset, just nuke it all from orbit, full wipe, no carryover, you get your vote rewards and donations back and that's it.
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  4. I guess so. At the very least what they could do in that case is to just copy the plugin player data so that they don't have to restore votes/rank items/ranks, etc.
  5. The main reason I would not want a reset to happen is because i grow attached to builds and creations i made on the server even when i don't use/play with them I would not want them to just be gone , but maybe once 1.17 rolls around that feeling might be less.
    Basically what i mean by this is that I'm more on the side of "No I don't want a reset"

    edit: I don't really care that much for items like diamonds those are easy to obtain again, ( since you can just claim all vote/donor rank rewards again) But i just like to keep builds and creations
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  6. I have had this discussion with Shaz before. He came up with the idea of using custom dimensions added in 1.16 to create a new 1.17 world, without having to reset the current world.

    My Idea:
    With this idea, there could be a transition period where the assets of a person can be transferred to this newly generated 1.17 world and then choose a set date to remove the pre - 1.17 world. This would mean everyone is able to keep their wealth + assets + building materials and most people wouldn't have any hard feelings about a reset after all wealth is kept.
    There is also the idea of using the Multiverse plugin to create a new world to transfer to, but Multiverse isn't allowed according to MCSL rules.
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  7. blist

    blist Villager

    As an owner of valuable land I agree with this idea as I can enjoy the thought of not losing my best bits of land.

    But Ultimately, I can live with a reset as it would allow more players access to land to show off more wonderful builds and keep impressing more players to come. Whatever happens I look forward to the new!
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  8. Yeah, we could put all our stuff we want to keep in shulkers and move it over somewhere in the nether, then when the overworld is reset we can bring all our kept items back
  9. seems i should add "Prefer an Overworld Reset" to the options?
  10. done
  11. I know I'm new, but I have been on multiple servers that did a full wipe. I really like the idea of doing a new dimension, then wiping the old one. Here's why:

    The last reset I was apart of had you fill one double chest with all you could cram in it. Shulker boxes had to be empty. Then I'm not sure if they were copy/paste or what, but thats all you could bring. It made the economy reset on an interesting level, because it limited your wealth if you wanted to bring other items, or you could load it with diamond blocks. XD This way people could keep their rare items if wanted or sell them pre reset and bring over diamonds.

    I've also experienced where whole builds were moved, but that depends on how intense the mods/admin are willing to work. Its a super grueling process.

    Just some ideas to consider.
  12. The server needs to reset, this update is like Minecraft 2.0. Everything is changing.
    I do wish we could move our items to the nether/end and reset the overworld so we keep our stuff.
  13. M53

    M53 Villager

    I do not remember how many map resets I have been a part of on this server as it always feels like I had just started playing here last week. However, I do remember that I had always had the mindset that I would dislike a map reset and quit playing Minecraft altogether if one were to happen. Over the years my mindset has changed, and I do not feel this way anymore. I would be down for a map reset if it means brining more players onboard, but most importantly, keeping our older players. I do strongly believe that the ability to maintain an active, existing player base is of the upmost importance for any online, multiplayer game.

    If a map reset were to occur, I would like to see the ability to transfer our items like various of the other posters had mentioned: a dedicated time to transfer all our items from the old map to the new map or just a double chest full of your valuables. I would be happy with either or. Of course, I would expect a final last week of the map where players would be able to join with the world downloader mod to download their old builds like our last reset. This option personally helped me a lot with overcoming our last event.

    Now this is all theoretically speaking, right? At the end of the day, I would be just as happy if there was no map reset.
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  14. seagull

    seagull Recruit

    I think we need to see the actual terrain generation before we get too into a reset. Reports are that the cave generation seen in the trailer is from an amplified maptype and NOT a regular maptype.

    I don't mean to be a downer as I am quite interested in building with new gen but I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket.
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  15. Mojang has confirmed that there will be small, medium and large caves in all world types, so the "amplified cave gen" rumor is false. It would be almost false advertising if the new caves would only be accessible in amplified, since Mojang has basically promised that all caves will be overhauled.
  16. Rougar

    Rougar Event Staff Event Staff

    *This in no way reflects the viewpoint of the server and is just My stance*

    Honestly I'm looking forward to another major reset. I think vote ranks and donation ranks should be kept, but that is it. The reason I would like to see one is because that way it not only resets the economy, but I think it also gives newer players a chance to get land close to a warp so that way they can set up their own shop without being part of a mall.

    That being said, playing online on a server everyone should already know that their builds at some point will disappear with a reset. I do agree though that like the previous reset to allow players to download the map so that way they can continue to enjoy their previous builds in private. I look forward to at some point starting over with a blank slate cause to me that's half the fun is to redo and reimagine a build concept or even start a fresh project with new players and new friends.

    All in all, I'm looking forward to when a reset comes and I can't wait for the future updates with new blocks. I look forward to some day seeing everyone's new builds. :)
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  17. bluuu

    bluuu Recruit

    There is no need to reset, mojang already confirmed there will be a chunk transfer system. On the edge it will be a “bedrock wall” all the way down to where it cuts off at the edge of the regen, and they will make it possible for admins to either make the new -64 empty, filled with stone, or any block they want. We are an economy server, most mining is strip mining. There’s no reason to toss all the work we’ve done. A simple “1.17 rtp warp” next to the current button is all you need. If you want to go out there, you can. Most people don’t mine in caves on our server.

    Also those voting choices are EXTREMELY BIASED. 6/7 options are either completely for a reset, ambivalent, or you don’t know what we’re talking about. And the only way to say if you’re against it is if you choose you want to quit. Like ??? We are an economy server, we have to pride ourselves on the ECONOMY, not exploration. Please don’t throw away all our work because you’re feeling like starting a new map. There are other servers that do that, please not our server.
  18. This isn't an economy server... and we do have a new map if we feel like starting a new map.
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  19. bluuu

    bluuu Recruit

    it’s a survival server with keep inv on and player shops with an ... economy. If that’s not economy server than nothing is. And you always have a new map even before 1.17, you can generate a new one at any time, I don’t know what you’re getting at. The reason we don’t is to save people’s builds they’ve spent forever on. Sooo
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  20. The coming stuff looks WAY to good for me NOT wanting to see them. Just a World Border expansion will never cut it.

    I would really prefer a hard reset. And i am with it for almost all arguments there could be made for it.
    I too have a Build where i still put a lot of heart in to. I too have things i would like too keep.
    But if you ask me if i would rather keep that all and live with this old world or if i would rather abandon it and get the opportunity to start with a entire community on a fresh map with lots of new opportunity's that only exist in a moment like that?!
    I would go and destroy everything i have on the spot, no questions asked.
    People should stop worrying about some useless data blocks of virtual things. They mean nothing.

    If we would have a hard Reset, not taking ANYTHING with us we could have many things:
    - the new bioms. We ALL profit from this equally
    - a Opportunity AND REASON to come together as community's in-game. This is ESPECIALLY true for the older players, who know each other and can rely on the others being online ( i have a few people on my island that i have not seen in weeks by now ... i'm alone most of the time ). Is this not the reason you play on a online server anyway?! You could already be making plans here on the forums, gathering people to start a new project after restart, together.
    - a fresh start with the economy. Personally i don't care for this one, but others do a lot, so i will just leave it by that.
    - getting rid of all the junk on the server. There is no nicer way of saying that. ( would be nice if there were SOME system in place that would take care of this. ) And im not ONLY talking about abandoned builds. What about half destroyed stretches of desert because people needed sand, and a enchanted diamond shovel just went rampage there. Or totally cut up forests. Huge Mine shafts or out right digging wholes.
    ( Just gonna put this out there. On a other server i played on they had a secondary over-world which was for gathering only. No claims or so, no need to try to be responsible in how you gather stuff ... just go and lay waste to the landscape in whatever Mather you like. That way nobody had to go and destroy the main building world to get material's )
    - a opportunity for the staff to try new things. For example giving away additional warps to player groups building together that are either looking for new members or that are building awesome looking things so that others can easily come by to have a look at it? Maybe instead of having Malls all over the place the staff could build ONE big one where they rent out space for shops in different sizes, and when a player does not pay the rent the shop gets taken down so that a new player might go and rent it. That way you could make sure there are no abandoned malls and shops.
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