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    This thread is intended to clarify our procedures regarding claim expiration. It covers both the expiration of warp claims due to lack of build, as well as the expiration of any claim due to owner inactivity.

    45 day no development cases

    A claim is eligible for 45d notice if all of the following conditions are met:

    • The claim is within 500 blocks of the claim border of spawn or a warp.
    • The claim has no significant build or purpose to it. Exceptions can be made if the owner is actively developing it near the time of the check.
    • The owner of the claim has had it for at least 45d.
    • A claim given notice would have no significant purpose/build. Quick low effort builds such as dirt huts don't count.
    • Only placed chests/storage do not count.
    • Claims with only portals/roads do count as long as they lead to something with a build/purpose.
    • If the claim is massive in proportion to the build on it, it can be resized instead of completely removed.

    How we deal with 45d eligible claims:
    1. Two books will be placed in the claim owner's inventory. One is a generic book with info about 45d expiration, and the other book contains the claim coordinates, warp, the name of the moderator who issued the notice as well as the date that it was issued.
    2. After a minimum of 5 days, a moderator will reevaluate the claim to see if any development has occurred OR if the claim has changed owners. If neither has happened, the claim will be removed. Any valuables in the claim at that time will be placed in the claim owner's inventory.
    90 day no activity cases

    A claim is 90d eligible if all of the following conditions are met:
    • The owner of the claim has been offline for 90 days.
    • The claim owner has not provided a valid reason to staff for it to be preserved.

    How we deal with 90d eligible claims:
    1. We check the trustlist. If anyone active (90d) is on the trustlist, it will be transferred to them instead of being removed. Players with higher levels of trust take priority. If the choice of trustlist members is uncertain, whoever contributed most to the claim's build will receive it. If no trustlist members have enough claimblocks, we will treat the claim as if no one was trusted.
    2. If no one is on the trustlist, we remove all valuables from the claim and place them in the owner's inventory. We then remove the claim.
    Players can request to staff to have their claims saved from 90d expiration(not 45d) if they will not be online for a while.

    Asking for claimchecks

    Things to know about asking for claim checks:
    • Claims will not be "saved" for certain players. First come first serve.
    • You must have enough claimblocks for the claim to be transferred to you.
    • We will not allow more than 2 claim checks per player, per day. (resets at 12:00am EST)
    If an inactive player returns, the player who has received their claim(s) is under no obligation to give them back to the original owner.

    Permanently banned players do not get to decide where their stuff/claims go after they are banned. In addition, their claims do not expire until the regular 90 days have passed. This is in case they are unbanned for whatever reason.
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