Hovering boats - What is it, and why it will be a good addition to the game

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  1. I posted this on the forum a littble bit earlier but ikith pointed out some flaws so I made a more improved version of the idea

    What are hovering boats?
    Boats with {NoGravity:1b}
    This allows boat to sail in the air like sailing in water (travels at 8m/s), but you can't fly up or down.

    How will the system work?
    Stationss will be set up by admin at warps and spawn (only spawn and a couple of major warps also work) at y=130, a teleportion pad at warp can be used to access it (like elytra boost station)
    You can summon new hovering boats in these stations, but it consumes a boat ticket.
    The ticket should be able to be obtained from serveal ways (it's intended to cost a bit so people are responsible for the boats instead of throwing them everywhere)
    1. Some diamond blocks and xp bottles at billy
    2. Vote shop
    3. Speical events
    The boat will have slightly higher health than normal boats so it won't be killed accidentally
    (make be also make it drops a ticket on death since we can do this in 1.14)
    After obtaining the boat you can drive it to your own base and build your own "airport" to hold it.

    Why this is a balanced method of travel?
    While this does have its own advantages, this also won't make other travelling methods completely usesless.

    Do not need tracks/setup: This will make it easier to set up compared to ice track/rail road and you don't have to consider the whole thing about getting around claims
    Can fly over terrain: The pain of navigating through the terrain (espeically in forests and mountains) are mostly eliminated, making travelling long distance easier.
    Keeps the fun part of travel: Unlike tpa, it still takes some time and commitment, and you still got to enjoy the views below you while slowly flying over them
    You can carry 2 players with one boat: so I can carry new players to my base in the middle of nowhere easier, and this can even open up the possibility of commerical airlines
    Unique: This is an experience that can't be found on other servers.
    Is semi-vanilla: no need of more plugins

    Slow: the boat only travels at 8 m/s, making elytra and ice boats are superior chocice with the correct setup
    Limited vertical mobility: like ice tracks, moving up and down wil be pretty hard with the boat, making it nowhere to be compared with acutal /fly
    Requires human interaction: you have to keep pushing while traveling, unlike minecarts or elytra (to an extent)
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    I swear this is just a meme at this point...
  3. Rude ):
  4. Agreed. Never gonna be added, and would be useless if it was.

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