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    In-game Name (Not Nickname): Hikool

    Age: 18 years old, big boi : )

    Current Rank: Voting: Legend | Donator: Mythical

    Timezone: (GMT +3), Seven hours ahead from EST time.

    What time(s) of day do you normally play: I can play any time of the day, except when I am sleeping.

    Past Mod Experience: I do have knowledge of Core Protect (Checking Logs, Rolling back, etc). And a lot of basic commands that I can list through discord if needed, And I'm happy to learn more.

    What do you like or dislike about the server?: Ill go with my likes first. I love how friendly the server is, Chat is G rated is one of my favorite parts, Shows how friendly the server is.
    Dislikes: My dislikes are not much. probably when new players join and start being disrespectful in the public chat, But I think the moderators did a great job dealing with that.

    Other Comments: I've been playing on safe survival for a long time now I enjoy answering the new players questions in the public chat, And ill be happy if I had the chance to help more, I do have a lot of free time, I am online every day in safe survival, Pretty much I know all of the rules, I would love to prove my self, I made a lot of amazing friends in Safe Survival, The server means a lot to me it is more like my home.

    Thank you for reading this, It means a lot!! :)

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