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    (Shout-out to 13 reasons why and its crazing Season 4)
    Anyway, thought I should give this a go and just go through who I am really because hopefully it will make me more approachable

    So in terms of names I have the first of Joe, Yes i know its a mouthful but suits me apparently.
    I'm 19 and Live in the UK, big up, and go to university (currently in 2nd year).
    I study Nutrition which means i have a decent diet really, Hoping to go onto a Masters Degree and try my hand at a PhD as well but as many of you know, its a pain.
    As a male Brit I play football (soccer) religiously and exercise in the gymnasium regularly too
    I have been playing minecraft for 9 years now and started off with the name of WhyYouSnipeMEBro which was a clear big brain name

    This is the first server I have spent big bucks on which is a testament to itself to showing how much I'm liking it, other than that i thank thee for reading and hope to see you on the server soon!
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