Hexa Creeper Grinder

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    We are now selling access to the one and only Hexa creeper grinder for 6 diamond blocks per use! Perfect for shop owners who sell either gunpowder or rockets, but can't keep up with demand. With our fast creeper grinder, that will no longer be an issue!

    You bet! Every time you use it, you will be able to get 36 stacks of gunpowder, which at a normal rate sells for 72 diamonds (8 diamond blocks).

    On average it takes 25-30 minutes to use before your inventory is full with looting 3.

    Go to Plains Warp, turn right, enter the portal, and follow the road.

    Additional information
    Please remember to read and follow the rules. For your own sake, only bring the item with looting and have the rest of your inventory clear. Be sure to /sethome there for next time you want to use it!

    When the redstone lamp is blocking the hopper, that means the spawner is in use already,

    Thank you for reading & have a lovely day
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