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    Hi, a few months ago i played before logging off. I came back around 3 weeks ago and my rank stayed the same and i now have 14 new votes but my older votes are gone and admin had to give me lower rank. Can u somehow check my old votes so i can get my rank back?
    I also changed my name while i was not playing i was called cookiemaster smth like that. If it can help , great!

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    I have looked into this situation, and it seems you might not have reclaimed your rank from before the server reset in October of 2019. You did indeed have more votes, you were regular rank. However, as it has been over a year since we reset, we are only restoring ranks that were veteran or above, so sadly we cannot restore yours.

    With regards to an admin lowering your rank, your rank was too high for the votes you have on this map, so it was lowered and will stay at that rank. I apologise for the confusion, I hope you keep voting and rank up once again!!

    I hope to see you in game,


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