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    Oo um i didnt know this existed so yeh. I only made a account on forums like 2 days ago :).

    Hello my names Emmhs or Melly.. Ive been on the server 4 maybe 5 months and i love it sooo much. Im 18 from the UK and i work with doggos so if u ever want doggo photos just send me a msg on discord :3. Im quite a shy person so i dont talk sometimes unless spoken to but i do know a lot of people on safe and think of them as my frens :p. Im on the server a lot as i dont have any friends irl or have any hobbies or anything im good at currently so im online all day everyday, unless i have work then sometimes i take a break to play with the dogs but i still take my laptop to work with me. Um idk what else to say im quite a boring person um im not good at spelling so sorry if there is any mistakes. My favourite colour is purple um i have a 7month old puppy called Rylee who i adore and also i have a birb called pringle. Oh im not really good at anything on minecraft so i mostly just run around spawn or watch my frens build things because idk im wierd loool heh but yeah. :) thank you for reading have a nice day sorry this is cringe ♡♡♡
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  2. It ain't cringe! lol

    See ya ingame soon :)
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    did someone say rylee :3
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