Head Hunt and Easter News!!

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    Hey everyone! Event Staff has a bit of news to share!

    First up, Head Hunt news! I am excited to announce that we will be releasing a brand new set of heads in the near(ish) future! It’s a smaller batch than the first one, but each head is really cool and we hope you all like them when they’re introduced! In order to bid farewell to the first set, we will be hiding one more of each of those heads over the time span of 7 weeks, in alphabetical order. During that time period some of the old heads will still be in the spleef prize pool too! The ones in spleef will be switched at the same time that Head Hunt ones are.

    And second, Easter news! It is now confirmed that we are planning on releasing an Easter Warp! Though.. don’t expect it too soon; the ETA has been pushed back a bit. Event Staff has been taking a bit of time to expand its horizons, which means we’re having a couple of complications that we’ve never had before. We’re hoping everything can be sorted out ASAP, but the plan is to finish adding a couple extra features that aren’t quite like what we’ve had in the past! I’m sure the wait will be worth it, so we appreciate you guys’ patience on this!! I will try my best to be on in-game to provide updates on it, and if I’m not you can always PM me on discord about it! And just a reminder, when the warp is released, Event Staff will have a week-long break from hosting weekly events.

    Thanks everyone, and have a great Easter!!! We’ll be in touch. :>
    ~ Event Staff
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  2. Does the first batch of heads include the T-rex skull?
  3. Enelis

    Enelis Event Staff Event Staff

    Omg I just realized I posted that without removing "Forum Post Title" SKDJKSJKSDKJDSKJ fun times
  4. Enelis

    Enelis Event Staff Event Staff

    Yes, it does. However we've been talking about saving it since it's so popular and since it's rare, we'll see what comes of that. Thanks for asking!!
  5. Phew... i still need that one xD
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  6. doubex1

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    edited it and changed it ;)
  7. Was this the post you said you were writing a draft for really late? Hmm

    But fr im excited :D
  8. Enelis

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    OMG thank youuuu XD I owe you sdkjs
  9. Enelis

    Enelis Event Staff Event Staff

    Maybe slightly but not really, I've just had a long couple of days XD I'm excited too :D

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