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    In the town of Devilswood many only heard whispers of the girl they called “The Witch” hidden by her family, there were few sightings until most recently when the town itself has gone quiet and something had happened to that little girl. When the girls parents weren’t looking she crept deep into the woods and had found something the town had kept secret for almost as long as she had been alive. With her new gained powers she turns her parents into ghouls and took her revenge on the town ripping houses up from the ground and freezing all inhabitants in place. As she ravaged the town it became increasingly clear that the magic had taken its toll on the world around. Large cracks began to appear leading to other dimensions entirely. As you drive into the town you see a void go up around it. She knows your here and she won't rest until you are gone.

    Welcome to the town of Devilswood where you'll quest for spooks and treats! Trade up with the local townsfolk for gifts and trinkets and explore the houses for surprises and treats, but be warned The Witch is always watching and has altered many of these houses. For it is up to you adventurer to alleviate us of the heart of this dark magic, but together we can over come and gain great reward along the way! Happy Halloween!

    The Safe Survival 2019 Halloween Event is now open! You can warp to the event from spawns event center (/spawn and keep walking forward). The event staff have made a very unique and quality spooky event! This event utilizes a trading system - please make sure to right click signs to trade your items correctly. In each house you find, there is a gold block with a button that you must press.

    Happy Halloween!

    Thanks to the staff who created and built the Event!
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  2. How the Warp Works:

    GO to House 1, it is labeled as house one outside and click the button on the gold block.

    Find Trade #1 in the warp (in front of the graveyard next to house #2)

    Go to house #2 which is labeled as house 2 and click the button on the gold block

    Go up purple path and Trade at Trade #2.

    Go in House 3, click the button on the gold block

    Go up purple path and trade at Trade #3

    GO to house 4: click the button on gold block.

    Find trade #4 throughout the warp.

    All houses go in order by the order you find them except houses #1 and 2 which is why they are labeled.

    House #1 Strange Candy, Maple Root Soup, 3 diamonds, 5 XP bottles
    House #2 Traveler's Bag, Cursed Potion, 10 sweet berries, 5 rotten flesh
    House #3 Mystic Supplies, M&Ms, 3 wither rose, 1 pufferfish
    House #4 Rock, Spider's Web, 3 spider eye, 10 steak
    House #5 Black Licorice, Carved Pumpkin, 2 emeralds, 3 glistening melon
    House #6 Lost Jewel, Witch head, 10 apples, 2 gold ingots
    House #7 Sour cherries, Apple, 2 melon
    House #8 Witches Scroll, 5 arrows, Lucky Rabbit's Foot, 10 steak
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