Halloween Costume party/contest

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    Hello everyone o/

    I'm hosting a costume party/contest at the disco in desert warp on the 16th of October 11Pm CEST (4PM CST) (3072 -3524) https://imgur.com/a/LQoxXEi <-- Entrance and costume example.

    There's no sign up, all you have to do is show up, put on your best, most scary, cutest or derpiest skin and/or custom player head.

    Prices will be handed out to the top 3

    1st Price: 64DB, 3 Heads, Elytra, trident, 2x oxyclean

    2nd Price: 32Db, 1 head, trident, 1x Oxyclean

    3rd Price: 16 DB, Beacon, 1x Oxyclean

    And everyone gets a participation price for just being cool :D

    There will be around 3/4 judges (who will remain a secret, so no bribes ;))

    Hope to see you there and enjoy the spooky season

    Much love MusicOwner,
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