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If the admins and shaz ever considered these suggestions what would be best suited?

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  1. Adding GP to Spawn Billies

  2. Adding Fireworks To Spawn Billies

  3. Adding Either Fireworks or GP to Voteshop

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  4. Adding Additional Creeper Farms?

  1. I want to suggest an idea that i have regarding the severe gunpowder shortage that we keep having.

    Let's start with the basics.

    We need gunpowder for mainly rocket usage and TNT. but mostly rockets.

    Shops keep running out,
    and we only have one mob farm of creepers, which is at spawn mob public farm.

    Here are my suggestions as to how this could be solved.

    1. Add Gunpowder to spawn Billie's, hence making it a lil pricey but at least there will be gunpowder?
    2. Put Rockets in Spawn Billie's, same as number 1.
    3. Add several new creeper mob farms to mob farm to ensure people can get gunpowder while not having to rely on just one solo creeper farm.
    Add Gunpowder or Fireworks to VoteShop.

    Each of these Ideas are ones I thought of for awhile now, I know I'm asking for the impossible, but please consider this thought, as the gunpowder shortage is really really bad.

    Thank you for reading.

    p.s forgive my grammar.

  2. or you could just hoard them like me and sell at a high price
  3. No, that wouldn't be right. On top of that gunpowder being the most high demanding product in the server being out so constantly, killing and grinding one creeper mob farm takes such time, and with people who want to use GP for their use aswell to use the farm aswell, it'd be hard to get so much gunpowder from the farm when others are in the middle of using it even via sharing it. Hoarding and reselling the GP at a high price over its actual current market price would be wrong to me anyway.
  4. Well, the market price would be high if no one is able to supply it. I previously lost interest in selling gunpowder because people expect low prices, while it is very time consuming to get, so it just didn't pay off.
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  5. Well for firsts, I’d say that having more public creeper spawners would be a great option, since if it was sold at billy for an expensive price, people wouldn’t buy if it was overpriced as plglasius already said, some players already think gunpowder is overpriced, yet if it was sold at spawn for cheaper than what it is sold at shops for, it’d ruin the gunpowder sales at player owned shops. If the same happened with fireworks, the firework economy could also be ruined. Same goes with vote shop imo. We should be working hard to farm these things especially if we’re on a shortage, players themselves can go farm at the public GP farm, as the last 3 times I’ve been there to farm GP nobody else was using the farm. If there’s a shortage on GP I really wonder why there aren’t more people farming GP rather than complaining. (note: this isn’t pointed directly to anyone) So i think that overall, having more GP farms would possibly encourage more players to go farm GP them self. - this is my opinion in this, thanku for reading
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  6. I think that having them sell at spawn shop works as well too but if the mods did start selling them at spawn it would be for a high price (i.e maybe 10-20 gp per dia) so that way it doesn't ruin the established player shops (since it is a higher price then players are selling at) and gives players a new way to get gp as well. And at the same time it will allow shops to keep their stock longer, and by extension, allow them to build up more stock for their shops without as much fear of running out too quick. Selling out fast can be discouraging to a player when running a shop when it takes a while to gain that stock in the first place. But adding any of the new ways to get gp would work too since it adds more gp to the economy but having a shop at spawn is a way for players to not only judge the price of gp themselves, but also adds a way for people to get gp without having to run all over a warp trying to find the shop. Rockets being added to spawn Billies would be a good thing to do regardless since it adds an easy place to get rockets in a pinch and they don't need to rely on players to stock them so there will always be a place to get rockets.
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  7. Good Point. Your Opinion is Appreciated and i do agree with you, I didn't think about fully on the prices at spawn billies, but again, at least with fireworks it would be somewhat helpful if they existed in there. but thats just my personal opinion. everyone is entitled to their own opinion. :)
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  8. Yeah for fireworks, I suppose having them available at spawn would be useful for players, when in urgent need of them. I also agree with that. :]
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  9. Maybe I'm a bit late to the convo, but I remember that the 2018 build contest rewards included creeper spawn eggs, I remember 1 or 2 players who won it are still active, maybe mods can have it as a reward again?
  10. The reason why shops keep running out of gunpowder/rockets is because they sell too much gunpowder/rockets per diamond. Back in 2018 people would sell rockets for 32-64 per diamond and those shops were always kept in stocked and made lots of profit and this back when the creeper spawner could only be active during night time at mob warp. but due to competition shop owners started selling more gunpowder/rocket per diamond which is why most shops can't stay in stock. There is really no need to add another creeper spawner or gunpowder trades, shop owners just need to lower the gunpowder/rocket per diamond trades if they want to keep it in stock
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  11. If we did that though there would be a disconnect in buyers for gunpowder because the price would become so high that it will come to a point where the price is essentially so high solely to keep the shop in stock. The high price will drive away most sales as people will realize that if gp gets any more expensive they will just be better off obtaining it themselves, which to me anyways seems we are on the cusp of due to the shortage of shops actually having stock. In order to keep a shop stocked long enough you would have to raise the price to something like 10 gp per dia and at that point people will just more likely obtain it themselves
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  12. Lou and I are currently stocking up a bunch of gunpowder to open a shop at flower forest, where we will try to keep it stocked even with the high supply :)
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  13. I also have a shop at frozen ocean that sells gunpowder. There’s some banners that say “GP SHOP”.
  14. Bella

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    From what I've seen, most gunpowder shops (not all of them) stock it up all the way until they dont have a lot to spare to stock it back as frequent and having to do more grinding, plains used to stock it up full and then they'd be sold out within they announced it was back in stock, I do see the sides of this though, decent ideas, but I doubt changing the price of gunpowder would really do anything since the prices are arranged to 1:32, 1:48, idk about 1:16 or 1:64 but mainly 1:32 & 1:48. I know one shop, the mob drop shop in mega taiga, Enelis doesn't stock all her gp at once so she will still have gp to stock it with. And with the spawn eggs, giving that power, the select people would probably turn it into a private creeper farm than a public, if that was given again and would start chaos imo, and the rockets in spawn billies could help to an extent of the needing of rockets but also shouldn't replace rocket shops out of existence in total of course.

    Selling at a high price will cause people to not buy from you but to buy from someone/a shop cheaper than you, not many people wanna spend more dias on gp than they'll have to, selling at a normal price (ex. 1 dia per 32 or 1 dia per 48) people would possibly buy because most shops sell it like that.

    *This is just my opinion, can agree with some things if you like*