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Which Guardian Farm design should I use? (Read post)

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  1. Hey guys, I'm building a guardian farm and I am considering two designs for the farm.

    Design A: Spawning chamber that takes up the entire possible area that guardians can spawn around the guardian temple. I used this design last server.

    Design B: A smaller spawning chamber that does not take up the entire spawning area around the guardian temple.

    I'm wondering, if the spawning rate of a chamber in a guardian temple is Y and the size of the spawning chamber is X, does Y stay the same regardless of the value of X, or is Y directly proportional to X?

    My goal is to make the guardian farm as efficient as possible. Please help me by leaving a comment or voting on the poll.
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  2. Crange

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    Since we have lowered spawn rates, I believe the more spawnable spaces in a farm, the better it will be efficiency wise.

    Usually, to have a "perfect" farm, you'd need to keep an eye on the mob cap, prevent other mobs from spawning, and kill the mobs quickly.
    On servers, we can't really have a big influence on the mob cap since other players keep other chunks loaded.
    Preventing other mobs is doable. Light up caves, stop slimes from spawning in slime chunks and maybe do something to stop drowned from spawning.
    And finally, killing the mobs quickly so they don't hang around and fill up the mob cap.
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  3. Killing the mobs quickly is the player's responsibility because my guardian farm will be a manual kill/xp farm. Players should not afk around my farm anyway because it will cause lag.
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  4. If you intend on using the soul sand design, I would advise against it.

    Mods will be unhappy, and will ask you to remove it because it causes lag. Even if it was near no prior builds and one person complains.
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  5. I don't think it causes lag if you turn off particles. 2019 and I had a similar problem at our polar bear spawner because the 20 spawners + 20 spawning platforms caused particle lag, but when it was turned off the lag was near 0. If people refused to reduce their settings they just didn't get to use the farm.
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  6. I won't use the soul sand design. The guardians will flow into a kill chamber using gravity as with any normal farm.
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