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  1. Gratisville
    The town that started since 1.8, feel free to join us
    Unlimited plot size, claims are under me until constructions on plot are complete/satisfied. Town storage with building materials for you to build, public crops, flower, wools, large sugarcane farm, villager trades, and different mob spawners are available.
    Position for Owner/Co-Owner, Mayor, Builder and Helper are also open for apply.

    To get there, find any nether portal in desert warp, in the nether u will find signs that lead u to ice road to get there.
    Coord of town : 9700x / 11570z
  2. Adam

    Adam Villager

    I miss this <3
  3. The current incarnation of Gratisville is at 2666/9420, near Frozen Ocean warp. I don't know whether ZaiMatCat is currently taking new citizens, but you could try contacting her ingame, here, or on discord...
  4. I am, but I got no one else in charge of assigning plots for newcomers and I'm mostly inactive