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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Ceminto, Sep 14, 2020 at 7:48 PM.

  1. Ceminto

    Ceminto Villager

    Full In-Game Name: Ceminto
    Ban Reason: Xray
    Person Who Banned You: ABashfulBear
    Length of Ban:14 days
    Appeal:I did X-ray, i didn't think anyone find out so I did I won't again. Sorry server ppl. won't happen again.
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  2. ABashfulbear

    ABashfulbear Moderator Moderator

    Hi, thanks for appealing.

    I reviewed your mines and came to the conclusion that you were using xray to see ores through the stone, and then mine directly to the ores. I will now show you just a few examples from your many mines, in the examples I show, your path will be marked in red and the areas where the diamonds were will be marked in blue. Please note that the server logs show us which user removed what blocks, from where and when.

    Example one:

    Here you descend several Y levels for no reason and mine directly to two pockets of diamond ore.

    Example Two:

    Here you clearly snake from one vein of ores to another, changing direction and Y level so you find the ores.

    Example Three:

    Again, in this example you change direction sharply to find hidden ores you would not have found if you stayed on your original mining path.

    Example Four:

    In this example, you change direction and Y level to find hidden diamonds.

    Example Five:

    Here, you again change Y level and direction to find hidden diamonds.

    Example Six:

    Here, you climb steeply and tunnel directly to hidden diamonds before returning to your original tunnel.

    These examples and many more have led myself and other moderators to conclude that your are xraying for ores and giving yourself an unfair advantage over other players. Therefore, your ban will stay. We hope to see you return after 14 days.
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  3. Ceminto

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    i did i X-ray sorry. will not again i learned my lesson. :( sorry
  4. ABashfulbear

    ABashfulbear Moderator Moderator


    I appreciate you honesty, but I should warn you that if you xray again upon your return, it will be a permanent ban. So please remove your hacks before returning.

    We look forward to seeing you back on the server after your ban expires!

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