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    So as of recently the server has been to laggy to play for me. I don't think i'll be back any time soon considering this lag is very bad and it seems as if there is no light on the other side of the tunnel here.

    Make sure you comment here when the lag is gone. I'll be back when this is fixed and just maybe I will be back this coming "Unplanned" reset.

    Won't see me in a while Y2K_

    Concerning ExpoYT aka 20O6
    Also just as a side not ExpoYT never did really say anything before he quit the server if you know him on the off chance you do. He will never be returning sadly and honestly I had a lot of fun playing with him. Before he quit minecraft and just gaming in general he gave me his account so you will see it log on from time to time to renew claims and all that if the map isn't resetting.
  2. It's sad whenever a player leaves our server. Farewell friend, and may your life be amazing
  3. Bruh did this guy seriously predict the reset
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    yes yes I did now thats kek
  5. top ten biggest brain times 2019

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