Get Ready For The Cheap Explosives Shop!!!

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Mousemaster12, Mar 5, 2021.

  1. Cheap explosives will sell gunpowder and tnt at the lowest prices of the whole server!
    walk forward from Temp Warp and you will see us!

    prices will be around:
    gunpowder- 1 diamond per 40
    TNT- 1 diamond per 30
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  2. I don't think those are the lowest prices, pretty sure there's a free gunpowder farm available to everyone
  3. where?
  4. I'm confused, 150 gunpowder (30 tnt) for 1 diamond but 40 gunpowder for 1 diamond?
  5. Bella

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    If you're talking about peb's creeper spawner farm, its 6 db per entry and you get a inv full of gunpowder but if not then i dont know of that one
  6. There's a single creeper spawner at Mob Farm warp. Not terribly fast, but definitely free.