GaymerBois event staff application

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  1. Emmhs

    Emmhs Recruit

    IGN- GaymerBoi_
    Discord- Echoey#5371
    Time played- 73.36d but been playing nearly 2 years
    Age- 19
    Time zone -BST

    1. Tell us about your interests and/or specialities that you think is a good fit for the event staff.

    Well as many of you know I love player heads. I love playing head hunt and I sometimes host my own at my shop which is what’s helped me decide to apply because i enjoyed hosting my own. I also love to make super secret rooms in all my bases for people to find cool things. And I also like to make parkour maps I have made one before but on another server (I will provide photos if needed in private.) oh also I like to troll o_O like I made wrong turns in my parkour just to trick my friends!

    2. What regarding events (weekly/holiday) do you like and what do you think could be improved upon?

    I love the build competitions and the warps that even staff make. I would like to include some events during “dead hours” depending on how many people will join. I could host a hide and seek or small head hunt for people who don’t stay up for the normal times. Or I could just do “unofficial“ head hunts/ events during the day.

    3. If hosting interests you, what is your availability? (time / days)

    Any time at all!! Except some weekends I’m away from home. I can still jump online using another pc just WiFi might be slower!

    4a. If building interests you, can you show us some examples? (coordinates in game / screenshots / link to imgur)

    I don’t really think I’m good at building? But it’s like one of my favourite things to do. the themes I build most in tend to be more cartoony or naturey. I will provide a photo of the parkour I made if needed in private as it was on another server.

    4b. What is your experience with building tools such as worldedit & voxelsniper?

    I have 0 experience. But happy to learn

    5. If you have experience with commands / creating a datapack, can you show/tell us an example?

    I have 0 experience but happy to learn

    6. What is your favorite cake?

    Please don’t hate me for this but….. carrot cake. Or if u want a normal answer then chocolate cake!! <3
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