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What kind of spawn do you prefer?

  1. I prefer 1.8/1.12

  2. I prefer 1.13 (latest one)

  3. I prefer a combination (see explanation)

  1. nekkid

    nekkid Event Staff Event Staff

    So this thread is meant for me to see where the player base stands about the Safe Survival Spawn. Over the years we've seen several versions, most of those were simple in design and size, up until the previous 1.13 one which added use of elevation, exploration and game play elements (the one I build just to be clear).

    Over the months I've heard positive feedback from players about the 1.13 spawn, but also longing to the 1.8/1.12 spawns by others. So please share you opinions, and be honest by doing so. Do not only cast your vote but also try to explain why you prefer one over the other, or what you like and disliked about both "styles" of spawn. Try to avoid abstract words like "simple" or "better" without giving exact context by what you mean by it.

    For example the following gives feedback
    With context: "I liked 1.12 more since it was flat which made it easier for me to go to the shops on the edge, simple in design cause the 1.13 one was a bit daunting for me. But i like the 1.13 layout which made it easier to navigate to every building and the new game play of killing fish for rewards was a fun and cool idea."
    Without context: "i prefer smaller spawn", "we always had simple spawns"
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  2. I liked the 1.13 because of what you said "elevation, exploration and game play elements" It made headhunt more amazing, the fish event was fun and I never found it too troubling to navigate since there were teleport buttons and a pathway to the areas you wanted to go. However with 1.13 I felt like there was a lot of space that still wasn't used, like areas that were empty or doors that felt like something was behind it but wasn't. Lefik put use to some of these areas but there was a lot that was empty and probably was continued to be filled with more updates
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  3. Enmos

    Enmos Recruit

    I very much liked the latest one based on looks, but a flat one like the old 1.12 spawn I think is more practical and is maybe less confusing for new players.
    In the end I would probably choose 1.13 style, BUT can we just settle for a simple one for now and change to a more elaborate later on?
    This will give the builder(s) plenty of time to work on it and prevents delaying the server opening up again.
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  4. I agree with what Enmos said, and Ikith said on Discord. Flat helps with less to load, but I liked the layout and design for sure of 1.13. Whatever you make, I'm sure it will be awesome. <3
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  5. Ikith

    Ikith Master

    I loved 1.13 spawn but I don't think anyone liked the load time (even if it was relatively short for most), is there a way to optimize it? Maybe plug up the holes etc or was it pretty much at its best as it was?
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  6. personaly my favorite spawn was the pre-reset one from 2 years ago, it was a massive spawn with tons to do and easy to maneuver, someone was talking about head hunts and it was GREAT for those since it was a large spawn, im talking about the one with the dolpine behind it, and a MASSIVE crafting table.
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  7. _Hikoo_

    _Hikoo_ Veteran

    Persoally i really love the 1.13.2 spawn its really big and Nekkid put much work on it, and i really love it, i understand how u like simple things, but 1.13.2 Have stuff like Spawn Fish Kills and its big enough for Head Hunts
  8. I prefer smaller spawn, we always had simple spawns.
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  9. Rougar

    Rougar Event Staff Event Staff

    I liked 1.13 spawn as far as game play, Design, content, more areas to hide heads for headhunt, and fishing. What I miss about the smaller ones like how close everything was together. How RTP button used to be right off of spawn which made it easier for newer players, plus for those trying to quickly find the biome they were trying to locate in the wild. I know the load times of spawn on occasion weren’t the best, so I think a combination of it all would be epic.
  10. I voted for combination, reason being, i do like a more simpler spawn (where load time is shorter and navigation was a bit simpler), but i also enjoy spawning into a large structure that is able to be explored and such and especially having that large structure be focused around a major minecraft update, such as the update aquatic. I think it would be good to have a spawn that is somewhere in between the two, by having a less-grand and less-extensive structure, while still keeping the spawn focused on the minecraft update that the server is running at the time, and also keeping an update event, such as the one the 1.13 map had with the mana and such. I think it would be cool to have a different spawn themed around the current update that the server is running, just so it gets changed up occasionally. Just a thought.
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  11. You can have a huge builds going around with spawn while still keeping the navigation simple. The admin claim is huge, there's going to be plenty of empty space anyway. Some people may get lost from the last spawn consider how some part of the spawn are just labyrinth and harder to get out of it with water surrounding the spawn, especially trying to go to the back direction of the spawn that it's facing toward.
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  12. I like the combination idea such as a flat spawn and on a smaller scale but with a lot more build effort like the 1.13 spawn.
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  13. dummy

    dummy Veteran

    i prefer oldschool spawn cause it was way faster to get to all the rtps and easy to navigate, also it didnt need any load time and you could walk around and walk into spawn without having to find stairs or climb a mountain
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  14. Photorose2002

    Photorose2002 WitherRose02

    I like a bit of both, the older spawn I liked because of the scenery, for example there wasn’t player build/non spawn shops or builds too close to where you spawned into the game. By having a smaller spawn but same size claim it preserved the area around spawn more. But I also really liked the new spawn as it felt more like the center of the world/server. It created more of a divide between the spawn and the world players build and survive in and that made spawn feel more special in my opinion. So over all what I think I would say is that i much preferred how open new spawn was, there were less walls and closed buildings and that made it easier to navigate and spend time at. But I also preferred how old spawn had some scenery like trees and stuff around spawn so u didn’t do /spawn and see a player shop in the distance. (I’m not saying player shops shouldn’t be around spawn I’m just saying I liked how
    U almost had to walk through a small layer of trees and natural land before u got to the open area with player built things)
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  15. I preferred 1.12 because it was simple and you could see all the parts from the centre. I believe it could be improved by adding a landscape around the outside. The river made it a bit more difficult to traverse across the spawn.
  16. I think the 1.13 one could be greatly improved by adding sethome spots at various places including, but not limited to Traderooms, Warp Room, etc. This would allow players to bypass the large grandiose design and get around more quickly., therefore rendering it more functional. This would be while still allowing players to enjoy the large build should they choose to explore.
  17. 1.12, the new one was too laggy. I only want to go to spawn to do what I need to do and get out.
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  18. The larger 1.13 spawn looked far nicer, but I really liked the smaller and closer together 1.8 and/or 1.12 spawns. I'd love to see some similar design elements, but perhaps have it be a bit smaller and have a bit less vertical change.
  19. i also like the 1.8/1.12 spawn. while the 1.13 spawn was gorgeous, the simpler style made finding things much easier for new people, and ones (like me) who sometimes have trouble remembering where in the 9 nethers things like shops and such are.
  20. I believe it would be pretty awesome if we could have a basic flat one for the fastest world spawn but in the next month or so a build competition to decide the new spawn. I think it allows for more players to be part of the process of organizing the new spawn.

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