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Discussion in 'Reports' started by stijnjr, Mar 20, 2018.

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    1 i have broket a beacon by my hous and it falled into the wather and i dont have found it back but the mod has sad that he dont gonna cheat it back for me becaus he dont may replace it

    2 sombothi has stolet fish from me and the same mod sad now to give the 8 stacks fish back

    3 sombothi has build a hous to clos by my hous
  2. Amrou Kithkin

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    Um, I am having a very hard time deciphering what you are saying.
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  3. My interpretation:

    1. I have broken a beacon by my house and it fell in the water but I wasn't able to find it. The mod I talked to said they wouldn't get it back for me because they don't want to replace it.

    2. Someone stole fish from me and he same mod said to give 8 stacks of fish back.

    3. Somebody built a house within 100 blocks of my house.

    Hope this is accurate.
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  4. My guesses at what these mean.

    1) I broke a beacon by my house and it fell into water and I couldn't find it. When I asked a mod, he couldn't cheat in a new one because he wasn't allowed to.

    2) Somebody stole fish from me and the mod I contacted earlier said to "give it back" [this might mean "ask a more senior mod to replace it", or he might have stolen the fish and they are disputing who was the original owner]

    3) Somebody built a house within 100 blocks of my house
    And no, I only saw Thomas's post after I posted this one.
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  5. Amrou Kithkin

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    1. We dont replace things that you can replace easily yourself.
    2. I need more details on this one. Who was the mod you talked to?
    3. Contact a mod in game about this one.
  6. #2. That would be me Amrou. Stijnjr left 2 shulkers that were private in a public area. Nearby there was a sign that said "take what you need". The person that removed stacks of fish didn't know the shulkers were off limits. I spoke to that player and ask them to repay the fish to Stijnjr and they said they would.

    Stijnjr, Please expect that if the area is public, that people will access your chests and take items with the expectation that those items are under public domain. If you don't want them public, you can either change your claim, or remove the shulkers and place them in a protected area.
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