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    Hello everyone! So far, I've built two statues on Safe Survival since its reset. I really enjoy making these builds and will continue to make more in the near future. But for now, here are the two that I've finished so far;

    Christ the Redeemer Statue
    2019-11-10_13.27.40.png 2019-11-10_13.31.05.png 2019-11-10_13.34.17.png

    Angel Statue
    2019-11-10_13.39.32.png 2019-11-10_13.14.54.png 2019-11-10_13.15.08.png

    Again, I will be making more in the future, and will insert those creations into this thread. Just wanted to share these with you guys! =)

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  2. Wow just how long did that take you.
  3. FINFAN38.

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    For the Christ statue I'd say it took 8 hours and the angel statue probably 7 hours, but time well spent =)
  4. Impressive man. And that’s an understatement!
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  5. These statues are simply amazing, keep up the great work!
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