Finding SafeSurvival Players From 2015

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ad1ba, May 23, 2020.

  1. ad1ba

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    Hello everyone! My name is Adiba, previously known as yourotherright and 11DreamCatcher11. I was active on this server in 2015, and made many friends there. Unfortunately, I had only kept contact with two of those people, and eventually fell out with them.
    If anyone from that era still plays and you remember me, please send a message! I would love to chat with you again and see how you are doing!
    If Kaze and WotsUhTheDeal still play on this server, please let them know 11DreamCatcher11 is looking to talk to them again!
  2. I haven't seen either of those players online. You might want to check the SS discord player list to see if they're in it.
  3. Kaze sounds familiar but I have not seen any of them on, and i've been around since at least 2016 or 2017. Hope you have success in your quest to find your friends :D
  4. Maras

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    Yeah kaze and even dream catcher sound quite familiar but you should definitely try and search kaze up on discord, welcome back
  5. CTK07Scout

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    I believe "UltraSharp" is an old player but idk if he/she is from 2015

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