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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by racecartacocat, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. My favorite games on steam are Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Kerbal Space Program.

    Anyone else?
  2. Panda

    Panda Veteran

    Although I suck, I enjoy an occasional round of Team Fortress 2.
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  3. I love playing Terraria although haven't got anyone to play it with because my friend quit. Normally I just play LoL and Minecraft, although I occasionally play ShellShock Live and Death Road to Canada. HMU if you want to play.
  4. Ultimate General: Civil War is really fun, but challenging. Would recommend to anyone who likes strategy.
  5. I own Lucius, Lucius 2, TF2 (never play it though), Garry's Mod, Rust, Unturned, Payday 2 and a few other games.
    I don't really use steam anymore, sadly. :(
    I'd have to say my favorites were Lucius and Payday 2.
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  6. My top favs would be Portal 2, Skyrim and Don't Starve Together. :3 I like TF2 even though I'm super bad with it lol Also Terraria and StarBound but haven't played in a while.
  7. Huib

    Huib Recruit

    Garry's Mod Is a really fun game to get started with, allround christmas you can buy it for $2.
    U can almost do anything in that game, from roleplay to making giant vehicles.
    If you love redstone in Minecraft then you need to play Garry's Mod.

    U know what games to buy.
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  8. You guys should get into Stardew Valley. I absolutely love it.
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  9. Huib

    Huib Recruit

    Yes, true Stardew Valley is a good game if you just lost your intense coinflip and you are annoyed.
    It's just really calming to play.
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  10. Necroxin

    Necroxin Moderator Moderator

    Organ Trail is an amusing one. Like Oregon Trail, but zombies. Travel across the US in a station wagon to find a safe haven.
  11. Terraria, Skyrim, Undertale.
    You probably can tell I like Skyrim lol
  12. If you want to play Terraria with me that would be wonderful tbh.
  13. I have a ton of steam games yet I hardly play any of them. XD My favorites though would probably have to be Planetside 2, the Stronghold series, and Space Engineers.
  14. Inaque

    Inaque Villager

    I enjoy a nice Skyrim but if you're looking for an at least okish Sandbox game for free then I'd suggest Creativerse. :)
  15. Lord Drake

    Lord Drake Villager

    I have a lot of games but I would probably go with Planetside 2, Terraria, and Subnautica.
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  16. I don't own any steam games but I like the game Colony Survival
  17. I really loved Portal and Portal 2, but Stardew Valley is also really great!
  18. Invest

    Invest Veteran

    I own csgo, rust, unturned (Which I have a whopping 784 hours in), garrys mod, rainbow six siege, super hot, terraria, tf2, and nomad (a crappy mix between rust dayz and unturned)
  19. Ark survival evolved, and supreme commander forged alliance
  20. I enjoy the salt mine of counter strike 2k hours and still silver

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