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  1. Shazepe

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    Hello everyone,

    As a preventive measure for combating lag and the excessive amount of mobs that some players have, we have introduced new settings to automatically limit the amount of mobs that can exist in one single area.

    As this area is dynamic and is not represented by either chunk or claim borders, it is advised to keep your farms and animal pens as far away from each other as possible to avoid any mob despawning.

    Villagers are excluded from the usual despawning measures, but will still eventually despawn if there are too many loaded in one area, 50+ villagers are not allowed to be loaded at once in chunks next to each other.

    Most players will not notice any change since their farms are within the right limits. These setting and changes does not nullify any of our current basic rules. Players are still not allowed to AFK at farms and grinders.

    For obvious reasons, we cannot give out any more details on the limits than this. We are giving this information to help you avoid unintentional despawning and to keep you up to date with our changes. We believe that the current settings are now well balanced and fair for all players. It's not possible to give exact limits on the size and amount of mobs in your farms. Please use common sense and your farms will be ok.
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  2. Say, if I were to breed a pen of animals together. Would some of the animals despawn due to this new setting, since the animals are all in a tight space?
  3. Octofly

    Octofly Villager

    What's the range and limit for passive mobs?
  4. Amiliana

    Amiliana Villager

    If animals or villagers are named, will they still automatically despawn?
  5. Sorry, what reasons? If that it's possible that mobs could be removed even if within the 30/chunk limit it would be useful to know the specific limits.
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  6. so i have a sheep farm i use semi often, with likely ~10 chunks taken up, each having about 7-13 sheep, i want to add more sheep, so shall i add new additions to the farm? or can i safely add more sheep per chunk?
  7. Ollie

    Ollie Recruit

    From the post, I am assuming that mob de-spawning will be automatic. I think this is fine for most farmed mobs like sheep and that, however with villagers I think it would be better if mods get notified that a specific claim is over the limits and then like with claim expiration, a book is given to the owner to space out the villagers or change it up.

    Getting specific trades at low prices is a real grind and can take hours. I currently have many villagers, probably over 50 and will likely get more in the future. I cannot really see any fix for my situation other than just cutting down on the number of villagers I have, which isn't really an option for my businesses. Forgive me if I do not fully understand the dynamics of this new setting.
  8. Shazepe

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    Since some players will work around the intended use of the plugin and continue to make massive farms. We'll be providing an update to the 30 limits per chunk rule soon, since its possible to be limited sometimes even if there's less than 30 mobs stuffed up against each other in a chunk.

    As for nametagged mobs - they have a higher priority but can still despawn in large amounts of mobs. But like I said, most players won't notice the limits.
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  9. If the reason you're not sharing the details of the plugin you're using is because you believe it will prevent people from finding ways to circumvent the limits, this is a form of "security through obscurity" - not security at all, and should not be relied on to do the job.
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  10. Shazepe

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    @Blah The problem with the villagers was a error, and not related to the new limits. I am working with players who lost villagers before and have a way to bring them back with their discounts. Sent you a pm.

    I talked to players and mods about giving out the plugin details, and decided giving them out would be a bad idea. The limits are easy to stay within, and I believe if we give out the technical details we will just run into the same problem we are trying to prevent in the first place which is a single player having hundreds (in some cases 300-500+) mob farms loaded at once because they will work around them.

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