Farm Limitations

Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by Nithuir, Aug 25, 2022.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am curious about the farm limitations.


    Are mob caps related to chunks, or to distances?
    I see the rules say keep it to 30 per chunk, but I cant get anywhere near 30. Are there also distance reqs. Like sure 30 per chunk but also, no more than X within Y of each other?

    But Ive got a pen of 12 chickens.
    I feed all 12, to make 6 babies, for a total of 18.
    The plan is to then harvest 6 adults to get some food and bring the pop back to 12.
    But more often than not, a few of them will poof out of existence when the babies are born.
    Sometimes it does work without poofs though, but most times not.
    The cows, a chunk or two over, have not ever had this issue.

    Do I just have some caves below my chickens full of zombies or something which are restricting my breeding? But no caves below the cows?

    I notice the farm limiter plugin has settings like max grouping and distance, which might be good to know when I plan where I put (move...) the animal pens. This plugin seems to indicate that its less of a chunk thing and more of a distance thing. So any guidance on that would be helpful to understand really, so I am not riding on the edge of whats allowed with my 18 chickens, lol!

    Is spawning reduced by the server view distance, and does this affect farms?
    I tried to make a creeper farm (not automatic!) wayyyyyyy in the sky to be 128 blocks away from everything, but quite literally nothing was spawning in 0 light levels. I read that the view settings can affect this. I also read that spawning is less common the higher you go in the sky. Anyone know if either are true?

    So I went and started building the same thing right at near bedrock. Nothing would spawn inside the relatively small area I wanted things to spawn in.

    I also cleared a fairly large area into a flat surface, in the same area, and pulled out all the torches, just to see what happens. And BAM tons of spawns (but zero inside the area I had set up...). Ahhhh too many, put the torches back!!

    You think that my issue here is related to view distance, the height i was trying to build it at, or my junk farm design :p ?

    If all else fails I might just make that very flat surface which DID spawn too many things into the farm, instead of the more compact design.